If you haven’t spent recent months recommending Lovecraft Country to anybody and everybody, you may even be in the minority at this point.

A wealth of promising and exciting new shows were ushered onto screens in 2020, but Misha Green’s horror drama arguably stood out like none other.

Based on and serving as a continuation of Matt Ruff’s 2016 novel of the same name, the series arrived in August and swiftly made its mark, attracting more and more viewers each week.

The finale – episode 10, titled ‘Full Circle’ – left fans desperate for more, and the figures suggested that to be a good idea. In fact, Deadline notes that 1.5 million people checked out the premiere, making it the most-watched new episode of an HBO Max original series upon initial release.

To make things even better, a whopping 10 million people were immersed by the finale. So, why exactly was Lovecraft Country cancelled?



Four reasons why Lovecraft Country may have been cancelled

The first season concluded in October 2020 but the cancellation wasn’t announced until July 2021. As of yet, HBO has not made a statement regarding the reason behind the decision.

However, there are a number of potential influences that may have influenced the axe…

1.) It was a limited series

Firstly, it’s worth acknowledging that the show was originally billed as a limited series. So, there were no concrete plans to move the narrative forward after the events of episode 10, to begin with.

However, similar to the likes of Big Little Lies, it’s likely that the title’s overwhelming success encouraged the network and team to think beyond ‘Full Circle’.

2.) Deviating from the source material

Speaking with Deadline in 2021, Casey Bloys – Chief Content Officer at HBO – explained the situation:

“[Green] had a book to go on in the first season. She and the writers wanted to go off and take some time to go out and figure out without a book with these characters, what’s the journey we want to go on. We all want to be sure she’s got a story to tell. That’s where she is right now, working on those ideas.”

He added: “I’m very hopeful, as is Misha, so we’re giving them the time to work.”

This brings us into the potential reason… there was simply no source material to work from.

Lovecraft Country: Official Trailer | HBO

Lovecraft Country: Official Trailer | HBO

3.) Potential disagreement over ideas

Considering the cancellation was confirmed months after they got to work, perhaps the bosses weren’t quite convinced the material the writers had road mapped warranted another season.

If this was the case, then it may have ties with another possible reason…

4.) Character deaths

This one is rather difficult to ignore because the two main characters of Atticus and Uncle George died in season 1. Continuing in the absence of your protagonists is particularly tricky territory to navigate.

Without them and with the ideas brought forward, maybe HBO wasn’t convinced the success of the first season would unequivocally result in the success of another.

More from Misha Green…

Although Lovecraft Country has been cut short, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the showrunner has struck a deal with Apple TV+.

Deadline confirmed the news just one week after the cancellation and the opportunity will see her sculpt and develop a number of projects for the streamer.

At the moment, little else is known beyond the fact that it’s a multi-year agreement. Nevertheless, that’s sure to be music to her fanbase’s ears all the same.

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