The hilarious Miranda Sings is pregnant and she just shared the gender of her twins, leaving fans in tears with her reveal. Forthcoming spoiler alert!

Colleen Ballinger, also known by the name of her comedy character Miranda Sings, is a 34-year-old actress and YouTuber from Santa Barbara California.

Being in the public eye ever since 2008, Colleen has built a strong fan base with whom she shares her life on YouTube, from weekly vlogs to the birth of her first child.

Now, she’s expecting twins and the world is thrilled to know: Will little Flynn have brothers, sisters or both?

What gender are Colleen Ballinger’s twins?

Colleen Ballinger and her husband Erik Stocklin are having a boy and a girl!

The couple already has a 2-year-old boy named Flynn Timothy Stocklin, who will soon have a sister and a brother.

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The YouTube video of Colleen Ballinger announcing the gender of her babies has almost half a million views in just an hour, as it features the reactions of family members finding out the gender of the babies, as well as her and her husband’s emotional reaction.

The couple seems over the moon to be having twins after a miscarriage earlier this year. Colleen has been very open with her 8 million subscribers, continuously updating them on what is going on in her life.

From her very lows to her very highs, Colleen never fails to amaze her fans with her humour, kindness, and positivity, and that is why they couldn’t be more thrilled to see her family growing.

Fans react to Miranda Sings gender reveal video

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Colleen Ballinger’s fans have been stand-by since the day before the reveal, excited to find out the gender of the babies and finally, the time has come.

As soon as the video of the gender reveal was live on YouTube, fans started sharing their wishes to the beloved couple on social media.

“It’s so crazy how I’ve watched Colleen from being single and tour around the world, to be with Erik, to get married, get pregnant, watch Flynn born and grow, tour and now being pregnant again with twins and finding their genders today! They’ve been a crazy 4 years now,” one tweeted and all her fans were left emotional.

Here are a few more reactions to Colleen heart-warming gender reveal of her twins!

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