Addison Rae has been receiving backlash after she was spotted saying hi to Donald Trump during UFC. Amid this, fans have dug up old rumors stating there was a picture of Addison having a Trump flag in her room.

Recently, the TikTok star has been surrounded by a lot of controversies. At first, she was slammed for landing a role as a reporter at the UFC event. Now, she has been receiving backlash for saying hi to Trump. As of now, the TikTok star has not responded to the negative messages she has been getting on the internet due to her recent stint.

Donald Trump flag rumors explored

The rumors about Addison having a Trump flag started in April 2020. The TikTok star had clicked a picture of her room and captioned it as: “someone pls help me clean my room.”

On the right-hand side of the picture, fans spotted a red and blue flag laying on the ground. Due to this, several people were quick to jump to the conclusion that it might be a Trump flag.

However, Addison was quick to slam these rumors. In response to the comments, she wrote: “It’s a beach towel.” Addison went on to share another picture which had a closeup of the towel.

She captioned the post as: “My meme used to buy us these for my papa’s bday (July 4th) a good 2010 souvenir.”

A look at Addison Rae’s UFC stint

The video that has been going viral was taken when Addison was attending the UFC fight. Trump had also come to watch the event and it was there that the two exchanged conversation.

In the video, Addison can be heard saying: “I am Addison. I have to say hi. Hello. So nice to meet you.” Meanwhile, some of her friends can be heard making fun of the exchange as some of them said: “Addison Rae exposed”. 

The video was quick to go viral on social media and fans have been reacting to the same. This comes days after Addison received backlash for reporting the UFC event.

Why did the TikTok star receive backlash for reporting the event?

On July 9, Addison took upon the role of a reporter at the UFC event. She even shared the pictures on her Twitter. The TikTok star wrote: “I studied broadcast journalism in college for 3 whole months to prepare for this moment.”

In the picture, Addison was seen holding the mic while posing in her green dress. However, people were upset to find out that a TikTok star who did not have enough knowledge about UFC was chosen to report the event. The backlash led to Addison being fired.

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