A video, that has since gone viral, shows Hollywood legend Mel Gibson saluting former President Donald Trump.

Fans of the actor and filmmaker are now questioning where Gibson stands politically.

Watch the viral video from the UFC match

As seen in the tweet above, Trump was escorted through crowds as he attended a UFC match between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

One eagle-eyed attendee spotted actor Mel Gibson giving Trump a military-style salute, placing his hand to his forehead.

According to Newsweek, the original viral video has already been viewed over 500,000 times.

Is Mel Gibson vocal about his political views?

In short – not particularly.

The filmmaker is recognised for his outspokenness but, until now, Gibson had been somewhat nonchalant surrounding his political views. This caused the saluting video to come as more of a surprise to fans.

Back in 2020 during an interview with Fox News, the actor commented on politics: “Who the hell cares what I think? I’m not an expert – what am I qualified to talk about?”

He continued: “It’s alright. It allows you a sense of anonymity so that in your performance you can come out and just be anything; you’re not already carrying a lot of baggage. It’s partially intentional.”

“I am politically incorrect, that’s true. Political correctness to me is just intellectual terrorism. I find that really scary, and I won’t be intimidated into changing my mind. Everyone isn’t going to love you all the time.”

Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

After viewing the viral video, those on Twitter questioned where Gibson stands politically.

One person tweeted: “Of course Mel Gibson would dramatically salute Donald Trump.”

Another wrote: “So Mel Gibson is a MAGA, big shock there, but ffs why the cringey salute? He can’t just wave back like a normal human?”

Somebody else took to Twitter to write: “So crazy how I thought he was awesome back in the 80’s. I’m glad people’s true characters have been revealed.”

@MelGibsonFilms can “salute” whomever he chooses just as I can choose to NEVER spend another dime of my hard earned money on anything he makes or stars in! Boo!”

Who else attended the UFC match?

Apart from Gibson and Trump, who are making huge headlines, the UFC match saw a crowd of star-studded attendees.

Reportedly, Justin Bieber, Jared Leto, Dave Chappelle, Miles Teller, and Steve Aoki made an appearance, amongst many others.

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