Tana Mongeau has a new boyfriend in 2021. The YouTuber recently made her relationship with Chris Miles official on Twitter.

The Social Media star’s dating life has been a whirlwind in the past few years.

After a string of exes and many failed romances, the 23-year-old was even a failed marriage (not legally) with Jake Paul for a brief while.

However, despite her bad luck with romance and dating, it looks like our storytime queen has found the one.

She recently took to Twitter to announce her relationship with her new beau and fans could not be more thrilled for her.

Who is Tana Mongeau’s boyfriend in 2021?

  • Tana Mongeau is officially dating musician Chris Miles.

Chris is a 22-year-old American rapper. He was spotted in many of Tana’s stories in the past few months. However, in most of them, his face remains concealed.

The up and coming rapper who has over 400,000 followers on Instagram appeared in America’s Got Talent back in 2012 at age 13. His rap audition went viral and he had become an internet sensation for a while after that.

Two years later in 2014, Chris signed a million-dollar deal with Warner/Chappell. In the upcoming years, he went on to release five albums.

His sixth studio album, Before It’s Over, came out in 2019.

Chris is also a member of the rap group named Pain Party. While it will be interesting to see how his music career progresses, his personal life is already grabbing headlines.

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Relationship with Chris Miles explored

It looks like in true Tana fashion, the YouTuber’s relationship with Chris is a rollercoaster ride too. A couple of days after revealing she had bought David Dobrik’s old LA house, the singer revealed that she had a boyfriend now.

On July 8, Tana tweeted, “I HAVE A BOYFRIENDDDDDDD 7-7-2021 I LOVE U 4 ETERNITY @RealChrisMiles.”

Following her Twitter announcement, she posted a series of stories on her Instagram featuring her new beau.

However, on July 12, the YouTuber took to Twitter once again and in a now-deleted tweet wrote, “jk, just got left and dumped I’m single again.”

As if fans were not confused enough already, only a few hours later, the internet star posted another picture on Twitter of her and Chris lying on the bed.

Although Tana is yet to take to Instagram and post a picture with her new beau, Chris has already made them Insta official. He has posted several pics and videos featuring Tana in the past months.

A look at the YouTuber’s dating history

Not too long ago Tana was in a very public relationship with Jake Paul. The duo first started dating in April 2019, the two stayed together for a few months before calling it quits in January 2020.

She dated Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago in mid-2020. Tana has been in public relationships with women like singer Noah Cyrus and actress Bella Thorne in the past.

Who can forget Tana’s steamy relationship with rapper Mod Sun! It appeared from her Instagram in 2020, that post her break up with Jake, Tana was spending quarantine with the 34-year-old artist.

Some of her other relationships have been with Justin Bieber’s look-alike Brad Sousa, Faze Banks and Somer Hollingsworth.

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