Twitter thinks Shakira came out as gay as fans link new music cover to Lesbian flag

Prerna Nambiar

Shakira’s new music cover image has created a buzz on Twitter as many think the singer might have come out as gay. Fans think the new cover art resembles a lesbian flag.

Fans had been eagerly waiting for Shakira to drop new music. In fact, the singer had been teasing her upcoming project for a long time. Now that she has finally hinted a new song is going to drop, fans have come up with some theories of their own.

Singer’s new album cover explored

On July 12, Shakira changed her Twitter and Instagram picture and even shared a link to pre-save her upcoming music. The picture shows a blended image of colors red, orange, white, and pink.

This comes after the singer had confirmed in an interview that her new single would be out in July. While talking to Vogue Mexico, Shakira confirmed that she had shot for the new music as well.

She said: “I feel very energetic, eager to work, and very inspired. I’m on full throttle, doing a lot of songs. I’m in the process of mixing that song that’s coming out in July.”

Shakira further added that songs will be releasing throughout this year and that her next album would be released by next year.

Rumors about Shakira being gay explored

The rumors about Shakira being gay started right when the singer teased her new music. Fans could not help but compare the cover art resembling a lesbian flag.

In fact, some even jumped to the conclusion that the singer might be coming out as gay due to this. One user wrote: “Lesbian flag?? Shakira do you have something to say???”

Another added: “Shakira changing her pfp + banner to the colors of the lesbian pride flag???” Meanwhile, there were others who wondered if Shakira was aware what a lesbian flag was.

One user wrote: “dk if Shakira is coming out or if she genuinely doesn’t know that those are the colors of the lesbian flag.” Another added: Shakira really out here not knowing that that is the exact lesbian flag. why did no one tell her @shakira babe u need a new team.”

Everything you need to know about a lesbian flag

The lesbian flag consists of shades of pink, white and red. As per Cosmopolitan, the flag was first shared in 2010. However, at that time, the flag also consisted of a lipstick mark on the left-hand corner.

Over the years, it changed and people settled for a flag without the lipstick mark. Since Shakira’s album cover art is the same shade, some are convinced that the singer is sending a message.

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