The past year has been a chaotic one for the movie industry as films have either moved online or delayed their release dates thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite this, plenty of films have still found a way onto our screens and Nicolas Cage’s latest effort, Pig, is the newest to arrive.

But where will the movie Pig be available to watch when it releases?

‘Pig’ (2021) | Official Trailer

‘Pig’ (2021) | Official Trailer

Pig: Release date and plot

Pig arrives on screens in the US and Canada on July 16th, 2021 and is followed in the UK and Ireland on August 20th.

Elsewhere, very few release dates have been announced.

Starring Nicolas Cage, Pig tells the story of a truffle hunter named Rob who lives alone in the Oregonian wilderness, his only company being his highly-prized truffle pig.

However, when Rob is attacked and his pig is stolen, he must return to his past in Portland in an attempt to rescue his beloved sow.

While the premise may initially seem to mirror John Wick, Rob was actually a celebrated chef earlier in life and not a trained killer.


Where to watch Pig

  • Pig will be available to watch exclusively in theatres when it releases on July 16th in the US and Canada.

Fans reading in the US can find out which venues will be showing Pig here.

Meanwhile, tickets for the UK and Ireland are yet to go on sale at the time of writing.

As the film is exclusive to theatres, Pig will not be available to stream on any of the major streaming services including Netflix or HBO Max when it releases.

Although, there is nothing to stop the film from being added later down the line.


Other films out this week

As well as Pig, there are a host of films arriving on our screens this week with some of the biggest including:

  • Gunpowder Milkshake
  • Die in a Gunfight
  • Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy
  • Fear Street Part 3: 1666
  • Out of Death

Pig will be available exclusively in theatres when it releases in the US and Canada on July 16th, 2021.

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