On July 12, Twitter users came across a video shared by TikTok user Iamlovekills which showed a ‘Karen in Victoria’s Secret.’

Several people have been reacting to the video on Twitter. Within a short span of time, ‘Karen’ started trending on the platform. As of now, over 78k people have reacted to the same. In fact, the woman in the video is also being referred to as “get her away from me Karen” as she can repeatedly be heard saying the same.

TikTok video of ‘Karen’ in Victoria’s Secret explored

The original video was uploaded by Ijeoma Ukenta who went by the username Iamlovekills on the platform. The video was taken at Victoria’s Secret branch in New Jersey.

Following the video, several people have named the woman in the video as ‘Karen‘ or ‘Get her away from me ‘Karen’ due to the content in the video.

Unfortunately, the video is no longer available on TikTok as Ijeoma’s account was deleted from the platform. Following this, Ijeoma decided to post the videos on her YouTube.

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She goes by the username Mama Africa Muslimah. There are eight parts of the video and it can be seen here.

Twitter reacts to viral video

It did not take long for Twitter users to react to the video. One user wrote: “This summer’s new hot streaming series will be Karen’s Gone Wild: Get Her Away From Me!”

Another added: “Karen: GET AWAY FROM ME! (proceeds to chase the person recording that’s not near her) GET AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY FROM ME! Me: Bruh.” “The 5 stages of a #karen’s ‘Get Her Away From Me’ woes? Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – Resignation?” wrote another.

Ijeoma Ukenta’s GoFundMe page explored

Following the incident, Ijeoma created a GoFundMe account as she plans on taking legal actions.

She said: “I am a Black Muslimah Nigerian AM and I was treated like it was 1920 in Short Hills Mall. I was assaulted and harassed by a white woman and nothing was done by security nor the police. I’m looking to hire me an excellent attorney who can help me bring light to this wrong.”

She further revealed that her TikTok was deleted. Ijeoma said: ” I was kicked off a TikTok for posting what happened to me and they let someone else post and get millions and millions of views however they deleted 2 of my accounts of my accounts. One that I have for my Garden which was my original account and another 1 that I created after they deleted my main account.”

She concluded the post by asking people to help her out. As of now, GoFundMe has helped raise $18k out of the $20k goal.