*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Black Widow*

It’s taken an eternity but Marvel’s Black Widow has finally arrived on our screens after several lengthy delays thanks to a certain pandemic.

The film fills in several gaps in Natasha Romanoff’s story and introduces us to Taskmaster, a famed Marvel villain, who hunts down Black Widow for much of the movie.

However, Black Widow’s take on the character sees Taskmaster portrayed by Antonia Dreykov, a departure from the character’s male origins in the comics, which is something that has got fans talking.

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer

Antonia as Taskmaster in Black Widow

Taskmaster is introduced in Black Widow after Yelena escapes the Red Room’s mind control early on in the film and is presented as a fearsome villain who can mimic the fighting style of any opponent.

As one of Dreykov’s henchmen, Taskmaster is relentless in their pursuit of Natasha, Yelena and the antidote gas to the Red Room’s mind-controlling substance.

One of Natasha’s darkest secrets is also explored in the film as during an assignment to kill Dreykov, she supposedly killed his daughter, Antonia, as well and it’s something that had plagued her for years.

However, it’s later revealed that the person behind the Taskmaster mask is actually Antonia as Dreykov’s daughter survived the bombing, although she was left badly scarred by the attack.

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Fans react to Antonia in Black Widow

Taskmaster’s portrayal in Black Widow is one of the film’s biggest talking points among fans, especially as the character has become a firm fan-favourite since first appearing as Anthony Masters in the Marvel comics.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “The swap from Anthony to Antonia doesn’t bother me. It’s that they turned a villain who uses their photographic memory to study their targets fight patterns, into what basically was a mind-controlled android…”

While this fan added: “Yelena’s cool and all but I wish she [Antonia] was the one who got to kill her father and free the widows. I’m an Antonia lover first human second.”

And finally, this fan even made reference to 2012’s The Avengers in which Loki references what Natasha did to Dreykov’s daughter.

Who plays Antonia?

  • Olga Kurylenko takes on the role of Antonia in Black Widow.

The 41-year-old Ukraine-born actress will be familiar to many film fans as she’s been working in the acting industry since 2001 according to IMDb.

Olga has appeared in films and TV series from a myriad of countries but her main breakout roles in the world of Hollywood came in 2008’s Max Payne and opposite Daniel Craig’s James Bond in Quantum of Solace in the same year.

Since then, Olga has enjoyed a prolific career with some notable roles coming in the likes of Oblivion, The Death of Stalin and Johnny English Strikes Again.

Like most actors in the modern industry, Olga Kurylenko is active on social media, most notably Instagram, where she has over 767,000 followers at the time of writing.

As her appearance as Taskmaster was kept secret prior to the film’s release, she has not yet posted about her involvement in Black Widow.

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Marvel’s Black Widow is out now in cinemas and is also available to stream on Disney+ with Premier Access.

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