Red Dead Online is one of the most popular multiplayer titles, and the good news for all its gangs is that the release date for when Rockstar’s Blood Money update will start is rising on the sunlit horizon.

The most exciting aspect of the forthcoming patch is the introduction of new crimes and opportunities, but the PC community will also be blessed with the launch of Nvidia DLSS support. This means cowboys and cowgals on computers will be able to explore a Wild West that is sharper than ever before with improved frame rates.

While it will be easy for folk on consoles to become green with envy over the above announcement, the great news is that there will be new features and passes for everyone.

Red Dead Online: Blood Money

Red Dead Online: Blood Money

When is the Red Dead Online update?

The release date for the Red Dead Online Blood Money update is July 13th which, if you are reading this today, you only have to wait a day.

The adventure will be available across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, meaning gangs will be able to start new Crimes all at the same time. Rockstar’s new Crimes feature will allow lone wanderers or posses to hunt for Capitale to return to Guido Martelli.

Capitale will be found in hidden chests or on corpses, and players may also find the currency while plundering the camps or homes of innocents and the wicked. Once you’ve stolen enough Capitale, you will be presented with opportunities by Martelli to ruin a rising Lemoyne senator.

What time does Red Dead Online Blood Money start?

There is no official release time for when the Red Dead Online Blood Money update will start, but it could happen between 10:00 and 14:00 BST on July 13th.

This estimate is based on last year’s Summer Update schedule and – if followed – would see this year’s summer event kick-off between 02:00 and 06:00 PT, as well as 05:00 and 09:00 ET.

Quick Draw Club

Rockstar’s Summer Update for 2021 also comes with a Quick Draw Club promotion. This will see four distinct and rapid passes released over the following months for 25 gold bars each.

The publisher is being hush-hush about the rewards for these passes, but you will be able to get your 25 gold bars back by completing all 25 ranks. In addition, the only prize mentioned is a notable one as it’s Dutch’s outfit, The Redcliff.

While you may think 25 gold bars is steep, the brilliant news is that you will get the Halloween Pass 2 for free if you buy all of the Quick Draw Club promotions.

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