It’s indeed a big day for TommyInnit, whose subscriber count on YouTube has touched 10 million! Fellow streamers took to Twitter to congratulate him on his new achievement. But, many are wondering what the YouTuber’s live subscriber count is as the stats on the platform change in real time. 

English streamer TommyInnit, whose real name is Thomas Simons rose to fame with his gaming videos on Twitch and YouTube. Only a few hours ago, he took to Twitter to share a screengrab of his YouTube subscribers count and captioned it “oh my god”. 

How many subscribers does the streamer have in real time?

While Tommy expressed his amusement about achieving an impressive fan following on YouTube, his fans are curious to learn about the exact number of subscribers he has in real time, especially after realizing he had set a new benchmark for himself. 

As per Social Blade, TommyInnit has 10 million live subscribers at the time of this writing. The count on his channel went up by 20,000 since Saturday, July 11 and saw a similar rise on Friday. 

The report also suggests that the channel’s “Daily Averages” is 14,000 subscribers and the “Weekly Averages” being 98,0000 subscribers. 

How many views do his videos have on YouTube?

Tommy’s career as a streamer has grown immensely over the years. Apart from gathering a huge clout, he has also created content that has been widely viewed. 

So far, all his videos on YouTube have cloaked around 1,087,325,613 views. The YouTube statistics show his earning to be anywhere between $373 –  $6,000 in real time. 

Meanwhile, his estimated monthly earnings are reported to be around $300,000 and yearly earnings at $3.6 million. 

Dream, Quackity and more congratulate the YouTuber 

Several YouTubers and streamers have congratulated Tommy on Twitter, soon after he shared the big news. Many have noted that they are “proud” of him and how his hard work and creativity “deserved” this recognition. 

Fellow Twitch streamer and faceless YouTuber Dream tweeted, “congrats!!! :)) well deserved”


Reacting to TommyInnit’s post, Quackity tweeted, “LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO”

French YouTuber a6d wrote, “The child is no longer a child”

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