If you have been on TikTok lately, you would have come across people making videos about magnesium iron silicate hydroxide jokes. In case you are confused about the meaning, we have got all the details for you!

Social media platforms have often been used to share jokes and videos. The latest one that has caught the attention of many is the magnesium iron silicate hydroxide joke. While the joke is not exactly new, there are still several people out there who haven’t got a clue about what it means. As for those who know, they definitely can’t stop sharing the same.

Meaning behind magnesium iron silicate hydroxide explained

Lately, several people have been asking their partners “are you magnesium iron silicate hydroxide” on TikTok. However, many seem confused as they are unable to answer that question.

At first, it looks like a science joke. However, upon further investigation, users get to know the real meaning. Magnesium iron silicate hydroxide is the chemical formula for a crystal.

While it might not seem too bad, the joke lies in the name of the crystal. The crystal is called “Cummingtonite.” We are sure after reading this you have figured out what the joke is all about.

Are there any other TikTok jokes?

Apart from this, there are several other TikTok jokes that have gone viral in the past. Among them, the Candice joke had become the most famous.

The joke starts with people asking their friends and family if they know about “Candice”, or what happened to her. In response to this, most people reply with “Candice who?” Following this, the person replies with “Candice d**k fit in yo mouth!”

However, most of the TikTok videos are often cut before the user responds to them. Due to this, there had been curious about the joke. If you happen to come across someone who asks you the same, make sure to avoid that joke.

TikTok – 5 Senses Trailer

TikTok – 5 Senses Trailer

Some trends to try on the platform

While TikTok can some inappropriate jokes. There are several other trends that one can try. These are not harmful in any way and are sure to keep you entertained. Some of these trends include:

  1. Adult Swim Trend
  2. 54321 trend
  3. TikTok Starburst trend
  4. The Beer Poster trend

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