Billionaire Richard Branson finally made his dream come true as the Virgin GalacticUnity 22 Spaceflight managed to make its trip to space. However, many are curious to find out how long was Richard in space. If you are one of them, we have got you covered!

Right from Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos, several people have been thinking about going to space. However, before these businessmen came into the picture, Branson had been talking about his space visit. He finally got a taste of his years of hard work as he successfully went to space. Now, he plans on helping others achieve the same.

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How long was Richard Branson in space?

Branson was in space for 15 minutes. The entire project was supposed to be for one and a half hours.

As the spaceship separated from the launch aircraft, Branson and the rest of the crew members removed their seatbelts to experience weightlessness. The unit also had several windows. This allowed the crew members to enjoy the scenic beauty.

The mission was carried out above New Mexico on July 11. Branson admitted he plans to make others experience the same. He said: “I’ve wanted to go to space since I was a kid, and I want to enable hopefully hundreds of thousands of other people over the next 100 years to be able to go to space.”

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Everything we know about the project

Branson had announced his plans to have a space plane in 2004. Some even speculated that by 2007, people will be able to enjoy this service. However, things did not work out the way he had planned.

In 2014, Branson finally managed to test the first commercial plane to go to space. Unfortunately, the plane suffered a crash. Due to this, Branson decided to work on the project more to ensure everyone is safe.

Speaking about why he wanted to go to space, Branson said: “And why shouldn’t they go to space? Space is extraordinary; the Universe is magnificent. I want people to be able to look back at our beautiful Earth and come home and work very hard to try to do magic to it to look after it.”

The Billionaire decided to test the plane himself as he wanted to make sure everything is fine before they make it public.

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How much can the trip cost?

Branson revealed that 600 people from some 60 countries had already signed up for one of their flights. The original cost of the tickets was $200,000. Following this, the price was raised to $250,000. However, Branson assured people that they are finding means to make it more accessible to people.

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