On July 11, Adin Ross’ fans thought that the Twitch streamer had gone to jail after his arrest video surfaced online. However, this is far from the truth.

Adin has been surrounded by controversies since last week and the latest video had everyone believe that the Twitch streamer‘s actions might be leading to another ban from the platform. Luckily, things were able to settle down before going out of hand.

Adin Ross’ arrest video explored

On July 11, Adin caught the attention of many social media users after his arrest video surfaced online. In the video, Adin is seen at a footwear shop while thousands of his fans wait outside the gate.

As the video continues, one spots a police officer coming towards Adin and arresting him. His friends seem confused. However, Adin tries to remain calm. Following this, many were curious to find out what had happened. Turns out, it was all fake.

Twitch streamer did not go to jail

People who did not know the background story of the incident thought Adin was taken to jail. However, Adin was quick to put an end to these speculations as he broke his silence on Twitter.

He tweeted: “Bro that arrest was fake I was scared shitless. Bruh, one of u guys called fake cops to come and fake arrest me .. y’all weird asf. But fr tho Someone called a real swat team during the actual rooftop meetup and whoever did that is a real piece of sh*t.”

Everything we know about the rooftop meet-up stint

While the arrest video from the footwear shop was fake, Adin did find himself being approached by a real SWAT team. Adin had decided to host a meet-up with his fans on a rooftop, but things turned for the worse when someone called a SWAT team.

It is unclear who called the cops. The entire incident was captured on Adin’s Twitch Livestream. Some even speculated that it was a setup. However, Adin assured his fans that it was not.

He wrote: “On my life, I would never call SWAT. I didn’t intentionally fake sh*t. Real cops shut down Melrose [and] a few SSB supporters actually got put in handcuffs. That sh*t was real.” This comes days after Adin was banned from Twitch was streaming while driving.

Some had speculated that it would be a permanent ban. However, his ban lasted for nearly two days.

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