Amazon’s down and it isn’t serving its customers well. A significant number of users have taken to Twitter to react to the new glitch on the shopping site and app with many asking if it is the result of Jeff Bezos stepping down from his role and planning an adventure to space!

Today, July 11, Twitter was flooded with memes and posts about people not being able to purchase anything on one of world’s biggest shopping platforms as they witnessed an error.

Shopping site and app experience a glitch

Amazon app and site users from across the globe have noted that they are facing an issue with the product detail page, which is displaying the error “We’re sorry, an error has occured. Please reload this page and try again.”

The page doesn’t load with the required details even after being refreshed multiple times, thus leaving the users hanging.

While Amazon is yet to address the issue, people are rigorously trending “Amazon Down” on Twitter to get the brand to look into the problem.

It is yet to be determined what exactly is the issue. You can watch the space for an update on the same.


Twitter reacts with Jeff Bezos memes

People wasted no time in drawing conclusions about Amazon being down, as the majority them are seen relating it to its former CEO Jeff Bezos stepping down from his role ahead of the upcoming spaceflight.

One joked, “@JeffBezos been out of Amazon for like 3 days and everything’s already down smh #amazondown”

Another tweted, “#amazondown I bet Jeff Bezos was so mad he didn’t go to space first so he shut down Amazon.”

One wrote, “Jeff Bezos trying to leave earth while his company isn’t working #amazondown”

Another tweeted, “This what happens when Jeff Bezos wants to go to space and steps down Jeff tell them you was playing when you stepped down I need my Amazon fix #amazondown”

When is he going to space?

The founder of Amazon is all set to go to space on July 20 with the rocket ship made by his start up Blue Origin. His spaceflight comes only 15 days after he stepped down from his role as the CEO of Amazon.

He will accompanied by his brother Mark Bezos, 82-year-old flight instructor Wally Funk and the winner of the month-long auction.

Blue Origins was founded by Bezos in 2000. More than a dozen test flights are said to have been conducted with no one on board in its facilities in rural Texas.

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