Camila Cabello’s picture from her hiking trip sparked speculation that the singer is pregnant. In reality, the singer is healthy and happy as she continues achieving more milestones in her career.

Being in the public eye, celebrities are often the centre of attention. Right from their looks to their weight, there is not a single topic that goes undiscussed.

Recently, Camila’s weight became a hot topic for social media. Some people shared body-positive messages, while others decided to take the route of body-shaming.

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Camila Cabello’s pregnancy rumors debunked

On July 9th, a picture of Camila from her hiking trip surfaced online. The singer was spotted wearing a crop top and leggings as she enjoyed a nice outing with her mother Sinuhe Estrabao in Los Angeles.

The picture sparked speculation that Camila is pregnant. In fact, some even took to Twitter to express their happiness. One user wrote: “OMGGGG if Camila Cabello is pregnant that means we get a little Shawn Medes AWWE.”

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Another questioned: “Is Camila Cabello pregnant?” Following such comments, there were others who came to Camila’s defense.

One user wrote at the time: “Camila Cabello has a healthy and normal body and I don’t understand why everyone is obsessed with the fact that she looks “pregnant”. Y’all are so used to beauty standards that don’t realize how a normal body looks.”

Another added: “#CamilaCabello isn’t pregnant! Bellies are soft and squishy, hers is out here simply being a belly. That belly is healthy and beautiful and we should applaud her for baring it and being proud and confident in her own skin!”

Singer’s responds to fans who shared body-positive messages

Earlier this summer, Camila had become the centre of attention after her beach pictures surfaced online. Several people were quick to talk about the singer’s weight gain.

However, Camila’s fans defended her and shared body-positive messages. Seeing how her fans were there for her, Camila decided to break her silence on social media.

Addressing her fans on Instagram stories, she wrote: “Thank u for the love yesterday and today, i love y’all.”

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Celebrity weight gain is NOT a synonym for pregnancy

In the past, several people have speculated if a celebrity is pregnant if pictures of them with a bit of weight surfaced online. This time, Camila was at the receiving end of this.

It is important to remember that celebrities are just like us. A little bit of weight gain does NOT mean they might be pregnant. This recent speculation about the singer gives an important message of how one should not judge someone’s body.

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