Season 4 of Netflix’s coming-of-age dramedy Atypical has dropped on the streaming platform, which will be the show’s final season.

Fans have been waiting for almost two years for another chapter with the Gardners, and they were saddened to hear that this season would be the show’s last.

Many contributing factors assist Netflix’s decision to renew or cancel a show, and we’ve explored why Atypical Season 5 will not go ahead.

Atypical Season 4 | Official Trailer

Atypical Season 4 | Official Trailer

Why Atypical Won’t Return for Season 5

  • Back in February, 2020, Netflix announced that it had green lit Season 4 of Atypical, but also confirmed that it would be the show’s final stint.

There was no specific reason given for the termination, as Netflix rarely provides an explanation after giving shows the final curtain.

Atypical first aired in 2017 and became a popular indie show with a growing fandom each season.

The particular reason behind Atypical’s cancellation will likely never be known, but there are a few factors that Netflix observes to make its decision.


Netflix Renewal Protocol

Before a show is renewed or cancelled, Netflix usually ways the cost of commissioning an additional season to the cost of investing in new material.

Potential new subscribers are usually attracted by fresh, exclusive titles that Netflix offers, and the streaming platform is all about increasing its subscriber count.

Netflix usually puts a cap on exclusive shows around the season 2 or 3 mark, highlighting Atypical’s four-season run as a commendable feat.

Atypical Finale

News of Atypical’s final season did not come as a shock to the crew, as creator Robia Rashid and the rest of the team knew well before Season 4’s filming began.

In retrospect, this gave the creative team ample time to complete each character’s story arc to a satisfactory level for fans.

Early reviews state that the show’s finale provides closure, while retaining a sparkle of hope for the characters.

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