On her show’s segment “Hot Topics”, Wendy Williams decided to talk about TikToker Swavy, who was shot dead on Monday, July 5 in Delaware. However, viewers were rather shocked by the comments she made about Swavy as they’ve called out the television host for her “insensitive” reporting. 

Swavy, whose real name was Matima miller and went by the TikTok handle Babyface.s had over 2.3 million followers and was known for posting funny videos. While the social media users are still mourning his loss, Wendy went on to casually talk about his fame on TikTok, which hasn’t served the audience well. 

TV host compares her popularity on social media with Swavy’s 

Swavy is no more and his tragic death has devastated his fans all over the globe. But, Wendy had a different opinion to express about the TikToker on her show, as she began asking the audience if they knew who Swavy was. 

When the audience is unable to recognize the TikToker, Wendy points out at his impressive fan following on TikTok, while drawing comparisons with her own followers. At this point, a crew member reminds her about huge fanbase on Instagram.

Wendy repsonds, “As my son Kevin would say, no one uses Instagram anymore. And, as far as TikTok, I don’t use that, at all. I don’t know what that is and I don’t want to be involved”

The entire conversation about Wendy having more followers on Instagram than Swavy takes place with the 19-year-old’s picture displayed in the background, which is being slammed as highly insensitive by many. Also, it appears from the video as if the audience had no clue who Swavy was and what happened to him. 

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There’s more to the viral clip! 

While more than half of the clip from Wendy’s show saw her only talk about Swavy’s fame and the live audience laughing at her comparisons, towards the end, Wendy reveals that he was murdered earlier this week. 

As the crowd continues to laugh at the host’s joke about her not using the TikTok, she suddenly turns around to look at Swavy’s picture and says, “So here he is. He was 19. He was murdered Monday morning.”

Twitter erupts in fury

While some have found an issue with Wendy being concerned about Swavy’s fan following as opposed to hers on social media, the others have questioned her for her style of reporting. Many have asked what was the need for her to begin her segment saying she had no clue who Swavy was and later revealing what happened to him. 

One Twitter user wrote, “wendy Williams really drew the line when it came to announcing swavy’s passing the tiktok like she worried about his following to his appearance i hope she rots idc get her off tv.”

Another added, “Wendy Williams is so disrespectful for what? her life ain’t even all that before she talks down about swavy she better fix that body of hers. very embarrassing and the fact people still support her- like wtf are those bitches on NOTHING was funny”

One wrote, “

To everyone that’s accusing @WendyWilliams of laughing when talking about swavy death need to drink a glass of stfu cause it wasn’t her that was laughing it was her audience members that was laughing.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “@WendyWilliams First off, you were very insensitive talking about the murder of Swavy you and your audience were laughing and for what. Second of all HOW DARE YOU portray Swavy as the thug in this situation when he was the victim and say some false accusations.”

The Watch | Trailer – BBC

The Watch | Trailer – BBC

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