Make no mistake. This is the weird and wonderful world of R.L. Stine as you’ve never seen it before.

The beloved American author is best known for writing the Goosebumps books, which in turn were adapted into an iconic TV series that gave audiences a craving for horror from a young age.

On the other hand, many fans also hold his series of Fear Street novels dearly too.

Needless to say, these nostalgic readers were thrilled to hear that Netflix was adapting the books into a trilogy. Indeed, they arrived with a welcome twist too; rather than being aimed at kids, they are instead catered to adults who may have grown up with their heads deep in R.L.’s work.

Part One: 1994 brought with it lashings of gore and the sequel certainly doesn’t hold back in that regard either, while also ushering in some exciting new cast members.

Speaking of which, who plays Nick Goode in Fear Street Part Two: 1978?


Who plays Nick Goode in Fear Street Part Two: 1978?

  • The Young Nick character is played by Ted Sutherland.

He is a 24-year-old American actor who first appeared on screens in a 2011 TV movie called Family Album (he played Max Bronsky).

Since then he has gone on to star in a few films, including Fading Gigolo (Shmuel), Dovid Meyer (titular role), and the TV movie Fan Girl (Scene Boy).

He is arguably best known for his TV work though, having been in The Walking Dead: World Beyond (Percy), Doom Patrol (Elliot Patterson), and Rise (Simon Saunders)

Then there are also small roles in FBI (Sam Cutchin), Instinct (Justin), Law & Order: SVU (Ari Kaplan / Zack Foster), The Deuce (Alan), Madam Secretary (Bryce), and Eye Candy (Jeremy).

In Fear Street Part Two he boasts a central role as Ziggy’s love interest and he’s set to reprise the part in the forthcoming Part Three: 1666, which arrives on Netflix on Friday, July 16th 2021.

Now we know why the actor may seem familiar, let’s look into the character for a moment…


FEAR STREET PART 2: 1978 | Official Trailer | Netflix

FEAR STREET PART 2: 1978 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Nick’s Fear Street Part One: 1994 connection

The older version of the character appeared in Fear Street Part One and was portrayed by Ashley Zukerman.

He is the sheriff and throughout the film, we can tell that he is torn between approaching Deena’s account of events as a rational officer of the law or as a believer.

While audiences were left to question his involvement in the history of the narrative, Part Two confirms that he was right there at the Camp Nightwing massacre, attempting to save lives.

In 1978 we witness a romance between him and Ziggy blossoming, but the ending suggests that they never ended up staying together.

In the final act, we learn that the survivor Deena spoke with in Part One is actually Ziggy; we were mistakenly led to believe it was Cindy (Emily Rudd).

Ziggy reaches out to Nick at the end, so perhaps there is hope for them yet. We’ll have to wait for 1666 to find out!

Is Ted Sutherland on Instagram?

Yes, you can find him over at ted_sutherland.

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He currently has 18k followers. If you’re on Twitter then you can also follow him at ted_sutherland.

Fear Street Part Two: 1978 is now streaming on Netflix.

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