Chapter 318 saw everyone recover from the events of the blast and Deku in a dangerous situation, leaving fans on a cliffhanger, dying to know what happens in the next chapter. Please note: This article contains spoilers!

In the last chapter, Deku can be seen fighting against Dictator and civilians being used against Deku. While Deku is being overwhelmed, he is saved in the nick of time.

The last panel showed Katsuki Bakugo arrive on the scene and save Deku, he is then seen on the phone telling someone he has found Deku, leaving everyone wondering who he is talking to and what will happen next.

So, what can we expect to see in the upcoming chapter?

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

MHA Chapter 319: Release date and where to read it is revealed

My Hero Academia Chapter 319 is expected to be released on Sunday, 11th July 2021.

Chapter’s are released on a weekly basis for readers. A breakdown of previous releases as well as the upcoming chapter are shown here.

The first three and last three (latest) chapters are available to read on Viz for free, however, to read the rest of the book you have to join Shonen Jump! for $1.99USD/£1.44GBP a month. You may trial membership for a week, after this period you will be charged.

If you want to watch the popular anime version of My Hero Academia, you can do so, on Crunchyroll.

My Hero Academia Chapter 319: Spoilers

Please note: This article contains spoilers.

Spoilers have been circulating online for My Hero Academia Chapter 319, as the release date draws near. Let’s have a look at some of these leaks.

  • The title of this chapter is ‘Friend’.
  • The first panel is a flashback that shows Deku a few days after he leaves U.A. Bakugou rips up a letter while Shouto and Tokoyomi are next to him.
  • Bakugou then says that they think Deku is with Endeavor and other pro heroes.
  • Lia suggests they call the pros to confirm but when called they don’t pick up their phones
  • Shouto says they must be busy but it looks suspicious and they are hiding something.
  • Ojiro agrees and adds that classes have been suspended and All Might hasn’t come back to U.A. after Deku left.
  • Bakugou then says that is Deku is afraid of going to U.A. then he wouldn’t have gone back just to leave letters, therefore, he probably asked All Might.
  • He adds that he knows Deku and All Might better than Endeavour and the others do and believes they will get into trouble.
  • Class A decides that they will contact Endeavour but they don’t know how to do this.
  • Ochako remembers he is alumni and Nezu later calls Endeavor to the principles room where all of the students are waiting for him.
  • Shouto asks him to explain why he has been ignoring his calls and if he forgot their talk in the hospital.
  • Endeavour responds that he did not and that he has been guided by those words.
  • Shouto then blames him for letting Deku and All Might go by themselves.
  • Bakugou stops him and says it was the right thing to do as he doesn’t know them that well.
  • He goes on to say Deku is self-centred and that All Might is the same.
  • All of the students work together using GPS on the phone to track Deku and wish to bring him back.
  • Back in the present day, the students are seen arriving in Kamino.
  • The citizens are now free from Dictators control.
  • Deku asks them why they are there to which they reply by saying they were worried.
  • Deku tells them to leave to which Bakugou replies sarcastically and says to make them.
  • Lida and Uraraka are shown ready for a fight and this is where the chapter ends.

Until the chapter releases, you can catch up with previous chapters on the Viz Media website.

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