“It’s happening again”

When you open your movie with a Twin Peaks reference scrawled on a notepad you know you’re in for some serious nineties nostalgia, right?

Well, not quite.

The message is right, it is certainly happening again. However, the second installment in Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy – Part Two: 1978 – isn’t necessarily concerned with what’s happening now, but what occurred before 1994.

Venturing back in time, the audience is whisked away to a summer’s day at Camp Nightwing, in which we continue to observe the clash between the residents of Shadyside and the neighboring Sunnyvale.

Flickers of the camp massacre were shown in Part One, but this entry provides detailed insight into what exactly transpired during the bloodbath on that fatal night.

Speaking of details, viewers have found themselves compelled to find out what an L484 pill is…



Fear Street: L484 pill explained

  • The pill that Alice and her boyfriend Arnie take in Fear Street Part Two is Acetaminophen (500mg). It is used to help treat sciatica, muscle pain, fever, eustachian tube dysfunction, and pain.

It belongs to the drug class miscellaneous analgesics.

When the two take the pills it’s anticipated that they may hallucinate or experience effects that make them question the reality of their increasingly terrifying situation.

However, Arnie later addresses that the pills won’t make them trip and says “that’s it, it’s Acetaminophen.”

“Arnie, what are you talking about?” Alice replies. “L484,” he explains. “It just hit me. It’s f***ing Tylenol. It’s nothing.”

“Are you sure?”


If you’re a seasoned genre fan you may have seen a number of films where characters are under the influence of drugs and it’s left ambiguous as to whether what happened did indeed happen, or was instead something they imagined.

Well, that’s certainly not the situation here!

FEAR STREET PART 2: 1978 | Official Trailer | Netflix

FEAR STREET PART 2: 1978 | Official Trailer | Netflix

“That’s what was important…”

Ziggy is sure to be championed as a fan-favourite as more audiences flock to check out this sequel and Sadie Sink recently spoke with The Face about how much fun the part was to play:

​“I loved throwing myself into that, getting all scraped up and bruised. It’d be late and we’d be doing so much stunt work, and I’d go into my trailer at the end of the day with a huge smile on my face because I was just so happy to be there. I had a blast.”

The 19-year-old American actress admits she’s not a huge fan of slashers, but rather, psychological horrors: “They stick with you for weeks. I’m really drawn to those types of films. They do such a great job of developing characters and making them feel true, rather than someone just getting stabbed or screaming all the time.”

She added: “That’s what was important when I was playing Ziggy – finding those moments to make her feel human.”

Prepare to travel back to 1666

The ending of 1978 teased big things to come in the form of Fear Street Part Three: 1666, the final installment in the trilogy.

It’s scheduled to arrive on Netflix on Friday, July 16th 2021.

The conclusion is expected to finally wrap up and educate us about what truly happened to Sarah Fier, the witch who our protagonists believe placed a curse upon the residents of Shadyside when she was hung and killed.

As for what’s in store, we’re sent further back into the past once again to immerse ourselves in a colony caught up in a witch-hunt, but the teaser at the end of Part Two suggests there will be much more to it than that.

You won’t want to miss it.