Junior High school basketball player Amari Bailey may not have been spotted with his dad, but, it is evident that he inherits his passion for sports from his father, who himself played for Indianapolis Colts in the National Football League!

While Johanna Leia makes headlines sidelining her 17-year-old son at the Sierra Canyon’s game, let’s take a look at Aaron’s football career!

He was wide receiver for five seasons

Born in 1971, Amari Bailey’s father is a former American football player, who was a wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL for five seasons.

He played for Arena Football League from 2001 to 2006 and for Chicago Enforcers of XFl in 2001. Aaron signed with Colts prior to the 1994 season as an undrafted free agent, according to Colts.com

The website states he was “one of four Colts to ever return an opening kickoff for a touchdown.” He is best remembered for the 1996 AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh game, where he almost secured the final-play pass from Jim Harbaugh. 

Aaron attended high school with Jim’s brother John, who went on to become the Baltimore Ravens’ head coach. 


A look at the footballer’s personal life 

Although Aaron has had a successful career in football and gathered a fan following for  his own accomplishments, a lot of attention has been drawn towards him in the recent past, for different reasons.

One, many are interested to know who Amari’s father is simply because he is one of the best players in High School basketball currently and two, there are a lot of reports making rounds on the internet filled with speculations about  Johanna and Drake. 

While no information is available about Aaron and Johanna’s relationship status, he had once spoken about his marriage to her in an old interview. Also, Amari has noted that Johanna is a “single mother” in one of his posts.

Asked what he was doing in 2013, Aaron responded, “I currently am a Learning and Behavioral Specialist in the Kentwood Public School district in Michigan where I also reside.  I am married (Jennifer) with seven children: Aaron Jr., Ashley, Michael, Airyanna, Amari, Alana, and Aaliyah.”

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Twitter is filled with rumors 

Meanwhile, Twitter is reacting to pictures and videos of Johanna and Drake from the basketball game, trying to wrap their heads around all the speculations. 

One tweeted, “Imagine drake trying to be lowkey and Just seeing this on socials next day lmfao”

Another wrote, “Imagine taking your hun to FNB stadium. Drake is so extra”

Reacting to the picture of Drake dining with Johanna, one Twitter user wrote, “I need some Drake money”

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