First seen in 1979, the Thanoscopter has become a huge meme in the comic book and superhero fandom.

Now spotted in a Loki episode, here is everything that you need to know about the Thanoscopter meme.

What is the Thanoscopter?

In two issues of Marvel comics, Thanos pilots a yellow helicopter reading ‘THANOS’ – also known as the Thanoscopter.

Reportedly, the Thanoscopter made its debut way back in March of 1979. Published by Marvel Comics, issue 39 of Spidey Super Stories sees the villain piloting a yellow helicopter.

Why is Thanos’ helicopter a meme?

The Thanoscopter grew in notability as comic fans started to incorporate it into fan art and memes. The size of Thanos in comparison to the size of the vehicle definitely had fans talking.

In 2015, Thanoscopter popped up again in the 250th issue of Deadpool comic series. This consequently led to a whole host of other superhero brands referencing the helicopter. In 2016, Thanoscopter also appeared as a selectable vehicle in the video game, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.

More recently, Thanos’ helicopter has been spotted in an unusual place. In episode 5 of Loki, eagle-eyed fans spotted the yellow vehicle tucked away and looking pretty worse for wear.

Twitter reacts to the Thanoscopter reference in Loki

Now officially canon in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), fans of the franchise took to Twitter to react.

One fan took to Twitter to write: “These beautiful b*stards actually found a way to bring the #Thanoscopter into the MCU. Brilliant. #Loki

Another wrote: “lmao the f***ing thanoscopter is in the new episode of loki.”

Somebody else tweeted: “That means, there was a timeline, in the mcu, where thanos had the thanoscopter. SOMEHOW, THERE WAS A POSSIBILITY FOR MCU THANOS TO FLY THAT THING.”

“Thanoscopter being in the Loki show solidifies it as the best piece of mcu media.”

“Loki is cool and all but the reveal that the Thanoscopter is canon makes me very happy.”

Loki is available to stream now on Disney+.

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