The wait is nearly over for fans of the German science-fiction series Biohackers, as the show is returning to Netflix for Season 2.

Season 1 aired back in August 2020, which ended on a pivotal cliffhanger for protagonist Mia.

Season 2 promises the continuation of her journey to discover the root of her dark past, and we’ve covered everything you need to know before the show’s imminent return.

Biohackers S2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Biohackers S2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Release Date and Time

  • Biohackers Season 2 will release on Friday, July 9 at 3am ET on Netflix.

Season 1 Recap

*Major Spoilers Ahead*

Season 1 introduced us to Mia, a college freshman who enrolls in Freiburg University’s medical school.

Mia’s interest in biohacking-technology is fueled by her brother’s mysterious death, and she soon dives into the world of illegal genetic experiments. Mia is also connected to the school’s lecturer Professor Tanja Lorenz through her troubled past.

Season 1 is hinged upon Mia’s quest to find out the truth about her brother and avenge his death, but her new friend Jasper and roommate Niklas also get caught up in the process.

In one of the show’s biggest reveals, Mia’s true identity is uncovered as Emma Engels, who was part of a secretive experiment known as Project Homo Deus with her brother, all orchestrated by Professor Lorenz.

The finale ended with Emma meeting Andreas Winter, a journalist who is given the flash drive containing proof of Project Homo Deus. A man then appears to kidnap Emma, who later wakes up bound in a van with Professor Lorenz sitting opposite her.

Jasper’s fate is also ambiguous as he redeems himself after his prior betrayal by sending Emma Lorenz’s files on Homo Deus.

Season 2 Plot Details

Netflix’s official synopsis confirms Mia’s memory loss after her abduction. However, thanks to a message she previously wrote to her future self, Mia understands the danger that awaits if her mysterious disappearance remains unsolved.

In order to get closer to the truth, Mia must unite with her former adversary Professor Lorenz who holds vital information. Season 2 promises shaky grounds for both characters by anchoring Mia’s search for answers to her minimal trust in Professor Lorenz. 

How Many Episodes?

  • Biohackers Season 2 will return with six episodes, the same as its predecessor.

All episodes will be available to watch straight away.

Season 2 Characters

Returning cast members include the following familiar faces:

Luna Wedler as Mia/Emma
Jessica Schwartz as Professor Tanja Lorenz
Benno Fürmann as Andreas Winter
Caro Cult – Lotta
Adrian Julius Tillmann as Jasper
Jing Xiang as Chen-Lu
Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer as Ole
Thomas Prenn as Niklas

Season 2 will also welcome Thomas Kretschmann to the cast in an unconfirmed role. The actor is known for his parts in Avengers: Age of Ultron and King Kong.

Thomas Kretschmann Biohackers

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