Earlier today, July 6, it was reported that Red Velvet’s singer Wendy was chosen as the cast of the upcoming season of  SNL Korea along with actress Cha Chung Hwa. While the viewers are thrilled to see the Mr. Queen’s star on the comedy show, Wendy’s fans are rallying for her to be freed from SNL Korea. 

“WENDY_OUT_SNL” soon flooded Twitter as more and more users expressed their disappointment about Wendy being cast on the Korean comedy show.

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Fans want to “protect” Wendy 

Red Velvet fans are trying to bring attention to Wendy’s cast on SNL Korea by notifying SM through endless tweets. Although she has appeared on  many talk shows, the majority of them have noted that the agency isn’t doing justice to the singer by launching her as a comedian. 

They have now taken it upon themselves to “free” and “protect” the 28-year-old singer, who is yet to make any comments on her recent cast on SNL Korea. 

Besides highlighting the fact that she is a singer who deserves to be “treated better”, fans are unhappy about seeing her on the comedy show which has gained an unpopular reputation amongst the viewers owing to its sexual allegations from Season 8. 

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Who else is cast on SNL Korea reboot?

Besides Wendy and Cha, SNL Korea will also see Kim Sang Hyub, Joo Hyun Young, and Lee So Jin as its cast members. The SNL reboot is said to air through Coupang Play and will have Shin Dong Yup reprise his role as the host. 

The comedy show is being produced by A Story, which has signed a contract with NBCUniversal Formats. While the Korean version of SNL ended with Season 9, the creators are yet to provide more details on the next season. Watch the space for an update on the same!

Twitter reacts to Wendy’s casting on SNL Korea

Wendy’s forthcoming appearance on SNL Korea is being widely debated on social media. Fans aren’t able to come to terms with her role as a comedian, after seeing her flourish in her career as a talented singer.

One agitated fan wrote, “We need Wendy to join a show where she could show her talents fully as a singer. She is a singer not a comedian. Don’t send her to this show where it was very problematic & had bad reputations in the past. It’s enough SM!”

Another added, “We didn’t wait for 1 yr and 8 months just for this shit, SMENT. Stop ruining our girls’ image, for what? For your benefit? WENDY IS A SINGER, NOT A COMEDIAN. Stop sending her to a problematic show that might ruin their “good image”

Meanwhile, one fan wrote, “

@SMTOWNGLOBAL pls think of Red Velvet‘s coming back and turn down the SNL offer, Wendy stan just want to see her sing, she’s not a comedian at least for the dirty SNL.”

Reclaiming Amy | Trailer – BBC

Reclaiming Amy | Trailer – BBC

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