The spoilers for Solo Leveling chapter 157 have been leaked online, so what should fans expect to go down in this week’s instalment?

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks for fans of Solo Leveling, following the postponement of chapter 156.

Originally scheduled to release in mid-June, the chapter was delayed due to the poor health of its author.

Now, we are back to regular releases and fans cannot wait to see what happens this week as Thomas Andre faces the Beast Monarch!

Webtoon Solo Leveling Trailer

Webtoon Solo Leveling Trailer

Solo Leveling chapter 157: Release date

Solo Leveling chapter 157 is expected to become available on Wednesday, July 7th.

You can read our full breakdown of the release here.

Solo Leveling chapter 157: Spoilers and leaks

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read on unless you wish to know potential spoilers for Solo Leveling chapter 157.

Andre is fighting with all his might against the mysterious Beast Monarch, including using his Capture and Demolition reinforced attacks.

The Beast Monarch is surprised at his power, saying that despite Thomas being a Fragment of Brilliant Light, he has drawn an immense amount of power.

However, Andre notices that something feels off as the Beast Monarch’s appearance suddenly changes; their hair grows to extreme lengths and turns white whilst the nails and fangs grow into terrifying weapons.

From this point, the fight becomes much-less evenly matched, with the Beast Monarch dealing an incredible amount of damage to Andre with each attack; his power is on the same level as Jin-Woo.

The bones in his hands are now completely shattered, leading to a scream that terrifies everyone within earshot. The battle becomes even more one-sided and Andre falls to the ground, but thankfully Lennart Niermann interjects to help.

Lennart refuses to run away and leave Andre, but before he knows it, Jin-Woo is beside him and the Beast has turned its back.

Spoilers were reported from a variety of sources and will be updated if any of the described information is altered.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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