Season 7 marks the final installment of Amazon Prime’s Bosch but detective Harry Bosch will return with his own spin-off show with IMDb TV.

Amazon’s longest-running original series has come to a conclusion with season 7. The show followed Los Angeles Police detective Harry Bosch, played by Titus Welliver, as he solves homicide crimes in Hollywood.

Do not sulk, as the actor will reprise his role in the platform’s first spinoff show. Usually, they dive into the plot of supporting characters, but this time, it continues to follow Harry so it’s as if nothing as changed!

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Harry Bosch hasn’t closed his last case

Amazon’s premium free streaming service IMDb TV confirmed back in March 2021 that filming will commence later in the year.

With Titus, Madison Lintz as his daughter (Madeline “Maddie” Bosch) and Mimi Rogers (Honey “Money” Chandler) reprising their roles, IMDb states that the plot will follow Bosch as he “embarks on the next chapter of his career and finds himself working with his one-time enemy, Honey Chandler.”

Since it continues with the same characters, it will unsurprising if familiar faces appear. Perhaps we’ll see Harry’s partner Detective Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) or boss Lieutenant Grace Billets (Amy Aquino) help him out on an investigation again.

Eric Ellis Overmyer and Michael Connelly will continue to produce the show, so we are reassured that the spinoff will be in good hands. However, there is no confirmed release date yet.

When asked about the spinoff, actor Titus said:

“To say I am ecstatic is an understatement! To be given the opportunity to tell more Harry Bosch stories is a tremendous gift. The process of shooting Season 7 with the shadow of it being our final loomed heavily so when the idea was presented to continue with the possibility of a spinoff, without hesitation I said, ‘Let’s go.’ To all of our Bosch fans, thank for your incredible support for all these years and I can promise you the ride will only get better!”

Creator Michael added:

Connelly, “I am beyond excited by this and I think the fans that have called for more Bosch will be as well. To continue the Harry Bosch story and see him team up with ‘Money’ Chandler will be more than I could have ever wished for…. I can’t wait to get started.”

Season 7 finale recap

The detective’s final assignments on the 68th episode “Por Sonia,” sees him investigating an arson fire in an apartment building that killed 10-year-old Sonia and several others. His prime suspect is Peña and continues to chase him, despite the feds warning him to back off.

Eventually booked by Harry at the station, a gun showdown occurs when Sonia’s father, Hector Hernandez, shows up with a pistol in hand. Peña is shot but so is Hector, by patrolmen.

As he falls to his death, Hector whispers to Harry with his final breaths, “Por Sonia.”

The spinoff is perfectly set up when Harry hands over his badge to Chief Irving, telling him that he is done and quits the force.

Irving asks, “Bosch, who are you going to be without a badge?”. In a cool, unregretful manner, Harry walks away replying, “I’m going to find out.”

BOSCH Season 7 – Official Trailer

BOSCH Season 7 – Official Trailer

Meanwhile, Maddie applies to LAPD against her father’s approval though he does eventually come around. Like a traditional father, Harry pictured Maddie attending college and law school to then work as a district attorney. Though you can’t blame her for the unexpected choice, since she targeted by a hitman, as well as Honey’s near-fatal shooting.

Last moments of the finale show Harry and Maddie share a father-daughter moment in his house. She asks him what he is going to do and he responds that he doesn’t know. Maddie offers her help, signifying that the duo will take investigations together in the upcoming spinoff.

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