Today is the sweetest day of the year, where you can have as much chocolate as you want, and no one can tell you otherwise!

July 7th marks World’s Chocolate Day, a celebration dedicated to the milky delicacy that can be eaten in a million different ways and it never gets boring.

Diet doesn’t exist on World Chocolate Day and whether you are eating lots of chocolate on this glorious day or not, memes are a great way to remind you and your loved ones that July 7th is a yummy day to be alive!

13 World Chocolate Day memes to send your friends

Chocolate is the only answer on this day!

Cut them off immediately!

There is only one right way to do this!

You can’t forget Willy Wonka on this day!


And that’s okay pal!

Sharing is caring!

We didn’t ask for lemons, did we?

Mood for the day.. or maybe for life.

Problem solved!

But we all love chocolate!

We might claim “sharing is caring,” but this is also true.

Yes Mr. President!

Twitter users celebrate chocolate on July 7th

Twitter users have been celebrating World Chocolate Day by using the hashtag #WorldChocolateDay on July 7th and sharing their favourite chocolate infused snacks.

One wrote: “I started baking during the pandemic as a hobby but now it has become a bigger part of my life. And who doesn’t love chocolate, right?” and the answer is pretty simple: everyone does!

People have been tweeting about their favourite chocolate brands showing them love and appreciation, while also sharing their own chocolate dishes with the world to inspire.

Here are a few of the snacks suggested by Twitter users on World Chocolate Day!

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