Who is Ulysses Diaz? WEE star Dana Brooke announces her engagement!

Molly Young

WEE star Dana Brooke recently announced her engagement to Ulysses Diaz and supporters are eager to get to know her new fiancé.

Discover all you need to know about Ulysses Diaz as we explore his career, background, Instagram and more!

COLUMBUS, OH - MARCH 03: Ashley Sebera (12), also known as WWE Superstar Dana Brooke, competes in Fitness International as part of the Arnold Sports Festival on March 3, 2017, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

WEE star Dana Brooke announces her engagement

As an American professional wrestler, bodybuilder, gymnast, fitness competitor, and model, Ashley Mae Sebera is a WWE Woman’s Wrestler, IFBB Fitness Pro and Woman Influencer.

Signed to WEE, she is widely known by her ring name Dana Brooke which she performs under.

Over on Instagram, @ashasebera_danabrooke recently shared the news of her engagement with her 1.2 million followers.

While sitting down at what appears to be a family meal, the 32-year-old was surprised by a marriage proposal from her partner.

Over on her fiancé’s Instagram post, Dana Brooke stated that she was caught off guard by the gesture in her comment:

“Forreeevvveerrrr !! That is what we will be !!! I was caught so off guard and was the best moment of my entire life !!! I LOVE YOU FOREVER”

Who is Ulysses Diaz?

Dana Brooke’s new fiancé, Ulysses Diaz, is a Cuban athlete and fighter. 

The 39-year-old has competed as a heavyweight in boxing, MMA, and now Bare Knuckle fighting.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - FEBRUARY 15: Ulysses Diaz enters the ring for his fight against Brian Maxwell during the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships at Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center on February 15, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)
Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

With over 46,000 followers on Instagram, @uly_monster often shares graphic images from his fights and encourages his supporters with constant positiviy.

Ulysses Diaz has previously shared insights regarding his past whereby he had to borrow other peoples gloves and much more before his career became a success.

Diaz also co-hosts the Don’t Blink Podcast alongside @2nycelive.

The audio show entails interviews with their celebrity friends presenting talks about their journey through life and how they have made it this far.

Check out the @dontblinkpodcast on Instagram and YouTube.

Relationship explored on Instagram

A lot of content surrounding the relationship between Dana Brooke and Ulysses Diaz can be found on Instagram.

As athletes, the couple work as a team and progress in the ring, together.

Constant support is shown for one another on both of their social media platforms.

@ashasebera_danabrooke praises her partner and encourages the utmost support.

Over on @uly_monster‘s feed, you’ll find tons of posts that cheer on his future wife.

It doesn’t stop in the ring. The duo also dresses up together.

Pictures from their vacations are also uploaded onto the gram.

What’s more? Explore @ashasebera_danabrooke and her new fiancé over on TikTok!

Keep up with the couple on their various social media platforms and stay up-to-date with their engagement!

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