Emmerdale has been teasing viewers of Meena’s murderous nature and her victim was finally revealed on Monday, July 5 when new episodes hit ITV Hub.

Meena Jutla, played by Piage Sandhu, has left quite the impression on viewers. They either praise Paige for her portrayal of Meena’s villainous nature, or they have become so invested that they want Paige off the show so that her character is banished from the Yorkshire village.

Please note: Spoilers ahead.

We don’t blame them, since Meena has become increasingly erratic as the plot develops, with her relationship with David Metcalfe worthy of betrayal, manipulation and murder.

The death of her best friend Nadine was discovered not as suicide, with fans suspecting Meena to be the culprit, so it’s unsurprising that there was going to be someone next in line.

So, who is the latest character to be killed off Emmerdale?

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Meena’s latest victim revealed

There’s a long list of characters that could be on Meena’s terminate list, but couple Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) and Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger) seem to be prime victims.

Jacob’s return to the village is viewed to have stunted the development of Meena’ relationship with his dad, David, as he priorities him. Meanwhile, Manpreet (Meena’s sister) gifts Leanna her rucksack, which still contains Meena’s personal possessions. Obviously, these belongings are extremely significant to Meena, for her to demand the bag back from Leanna.

  • Meena kills Leanna by pushing her off a bridge as she discovered that Meena pocketed the Pride charity money. She also knows that the nurse was responsible for Nadine’s death.

Emmerdale – M…..Is For Murder – Trailer

Emmerdale – M…..Is For Murder – Trailer

Twitter freaked out by Meena’s behaviour

As previously mentioned, some viewers aren’t as keen for Meena to progress in the show:

But personally, we love seeing Meena and her psycho, unpredictable nature; that makes for the best drama!

But will she ever get caught? She seems to fool David very well.

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