Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s yacht photos have given rise to memes as fans seem to have a deja vu after seeing Harry and Olivia Wilde’s boat pictures from Italy.

The One Direction singer’s personal life has always caught the attention of his fans. Recently, his relationship with Olivia has been making headlines. The pair were spotted enjoying a getaway in Italy, and fans could not stop talking about how similar the pictures looked.

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s yacht photos explored

In 2013, the rumors about Harry and Kendall dating had surfaced online. However, the two never confirmed it. Things changed in 2016 when the pair were spotted enjoying themselves on a yacht.

During the trip, Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi were also present. The pictures seemed to confirm the two had romance brewing between them and it was enough to get the internet talking.

Right after that, fans were quick to talk about the pictures on social media. However, the romance seemed to die down soon as they were later rumored to be dating others. At the moment, Kendall is dating Devin Booker while Harry is dating Olivia.

Olivia Wilde boat pictures explored

On July 5, several pictures of Olivia and Harry surfaced online. The pair were spotted enjoying a romantic getaway in Italy.

Speaking about their outing, a source told Page Six: “Harry has been seen taking a break on the beach in Porto Ercole after he finished filming ‘My Policeman’ in London.”

The source further added that Olivia had spent time with her children Otis, 7, and daughter, Daisy, 4, before meeting Harry. The source said: “Olivia has also been in London, spending time with her kids, who are there with Jason. Olivia stayed behind with her kids, then she flew into Porto Ercole to join Harry.”

Twitter reacts to pictures

It id not take long for fans to react to the pictures on Twitter. One user wrote: “Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles on a yacht is déjà vu. i seen these exact pics except with Kendall.”

Another added: “Harry styles and Olivia Wilde in a yacht in Italy….. Remember Harry and Kendall? So be hopeful.” In fact, some even decided to jump on the trend of making memes out of the situation.

One user wrote: “Kendall jenner listening to deja vu after seeing the harry styles and olivia wilde pics.” Another added: “Kendall just confirmed that she is in the way to find Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde because they stole her idea with yacht pictures.”

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