From Coming 2 America to Without Remorse, Amazon Prime Video has delivered some of the most anticipated movies of the year and the latest comes courtesy of The Tomorrow War.

Serving as the live-action directorial debut of Chris McKay, this sci-fi action extravaganza begins when a group of time travellers from the year 2051 venture back to the year 2022 to share a shocking message. They warn the people of the present that their planet will be conquered by deadly alien invaders in 30 years.

They desperately wish to go back to the future armed with reinforcements from the past, bringing with them Dan Forester (played by Chris Pratt) – alongside a scientist and his estranged father – and others to target the threat.

While there’s a lot to digest after checking out The Tomorrow War, viewers have found themselves particularly curious about Muri Forester…

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Who plays Muri Forester in The Tomorrow War?

  • There are two versions of Muri – the colonel and young daughter – who are played by Yvonne Strahovski and Ryan Kiera Armstrong, respectively.

Audiences may recognise Yyonne becayse the 38-year-old Australian actress has starred in such shows as The Handmaid’s Tale (she played Serena Joy Waterford), Stateless (Sofie Werner), The Astronaut Wives Club (Rene Carpenter), 24: Live Another Day (Kate Morgan), Dexter (Hannah McKay), and Chuck (Sarah Walker).

Her movie roles, on the other hand, include Angel of Mine (Claire), The Predator (Emily), He’s Out There (Laura), All I See Is You (Karen), I, Frankenstein (Jessica), The Guilt Trip (Jessica), Killer Elite (Anne), and more.

With the 11-year-old Ryan, she has showcased her talents in films like The Art of Racing in the Rain (Zoe), It Chapter Two (Victoria Fuller), Wish Upon a Unicorn (Mia), and Black Widow. Additionally, TV fans might have seen her in American Horror Story (Alma / Lola Gardener) and Anne with an E (Minnie May Barry).

Watch Now – The Tomorrow War | Amazon Prime Video

Watch Now – The Tomorrow War | Amazon Prime Video

Are they on Instagram?

Yes, both actresses are on Instagram!

You can find them both at yvonnestrahovski and ryankarmstrong and they have 940K and 57K followers respectively.

Ryan’s account is monitored by her and her parents and there are a number of The Tomorrow War-related posts available. Similarly, Yvonne has shared posts on and celebrated the film’s premiere too.

Now, let’s focus our lens on the character herself…

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What happens to Muri?


Essentially, it’s established that, to travel forward to the year 2051, you have to have already died by then.

We’re taught that two of the same people cannot exist at the very same time in the event of a time paradox. However, you will know that Muri somehow exists in both of the timelines.

Looking ahead, it’s revealed that Muri became a scientist in honour of her father, becoming the earth’s final hope.

Although, Looper highlights that it’s uncertain whether the success of Dan’s mission results in Muri’s path changing. After all, if there was never any invasion then she wouldn’t have been compelled to follow in Dan’s footsteps.

The Tomorrow War is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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