Amazon has invited audiences to experience one of the blockbuster events of the year in their own living rooms courtesy of Chris McKay’s live-action directorial debut, The Tomorrow War.

The sci-fi actioner kicks into gear when a group of time travellers from the year 2051 journey into the year 2022 to deliver a desperate message. They warn the people of the present that earth will be conquered by a mysterious alien race in 30 years.

Their only hope is going back to the future with reinforcements from the past and Dan Forester (played by Chris Pratt) takes action alongside a scientist and his estranged father.

Throughout the film, viewers may be wondering who these mysterious invaders are exactly, and where they come from. So, let’s get the White Spikes in The Tomorrow War explained.


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The Tomorrow War: White Spikes explained

White Spikes is the name given to the aliens that feature throughout the film.

As highlighted by ScreenRant, they suddenly surfaced in Northern Russia in 2048 during the original timeline and began to plague the globe. In just three years the planet’s population was wiped down to a mere 500,000.

It’s initially believed that the beings are incredibly intelligent and technologically advanced; this is how humanity makes sense of their swift and undetected arrival. However, the illusion is eventually shattered.

Audiences are given some clues, with the biggest being the absence of alien technology, as these creatures simply take on humanity through their strength and numbers. Indeed, all is revealed when Dan and company discover their ship in Russia.

It turns out that the White Spikes were simply a biological weapon possessed by the truly superior and advanced alien race. They were simply weapons being transported and this intelligent race uses the White Spikes to eradicate life on planets so they can colonise them.

The aliens accidentally crash-landed on Earth and their entry ties in with the eruption of Paektu Mountain – the Millennium Eruption – as Martin (played by Seth Schenall) explains that the ash caught on the claws of the White Spikes dates back to 946 A.D.

Watch Now – The Tomorrow War | Amazon Prime Video

Watch Now – The Tomorrow War | Amazon Prime Video

A cautionary tale…

One of the biggest takeaways from the film is how the White Spikes were able to free themselves from an icy prison in order to antagonise the human race.

We learn that climate change and the melting of the polar ice caps were responsible. This meant that the fallen ship in Northern Russia surfaced after being concealed for more than one thousand years.

The monstrous creatures were being kept in cryogenic containment and it’s suggested that either the movements of the ship courtesy of the melting ice or other beings disturbed them from their slumber.

It’s only when a number of them were slain with the toxin that the sound of their demise provoked a wealth of others to rise up.

“I wanted them to feel ancient”

Speaking with Newsweek, director Chris McKay opened up about the creation and design of the White Spikes:

“We talked to a lot of different designers and ultimately came up with a really great design. I wanted them to feel ancient, I wanted them to feel like they have a history that their skin has, you know, nicks and cuts and eczema and psoriasis.”

He added: “I wanted them to have a feral intelligence, that they understood their communication like coyotes and wolves can, you know, they will hunt in packs and run plays to stalk their prey.”

The Tomorrow War is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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