Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2021 saw Joey Chestnut being crowned as the champion once again. Amid this, fans looked back at Takeru Kobayashi getting banned from the contest. But where is he now?

Takeru was no stranger to winning Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which has been taking place on the fourth of July for years. Before Joey, Takeru was known as the ultimate champion. However, his glory days in the competition ended when he was banned from the contest. Despite this, his love for eating hot dogs still seems to be alive!

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Why was Takeru Kobayashi banned?

Takeru was banned because he refused to sign a contract with Major League Eating. The six-time winner of Nathan’s Famous contest made this decision to allow himself to participate in other competitions as well.

If Takeru had signed the contract, he would be forced to take part only in those events that were sanctioned by the league. It seems like Takeru was not too happy about this.

Since he did not sign the contract, Takeru was not allowed to take part in the competition the following year and was banned. At the same time, his picture was also taken down from Nathan’s Wall of Fame the following year.

Takeru’s disappearance from the event did not bother George Shea, the executive director of Major League Eating. Speaking to Brooklyn Paper, he said: “This is not Mount Rushmore. This is not a museum. This is not a hall of fame.”

Joey Chestnut wins Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2021

On July 4, Joey bagged his 14th win. He broke his own record by eating  76 franks and buns in 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Michelle Lesco won the women’s title.

Speaking about his victory, Joey said: “It just felt good. Even if I was uncomfortable, having everybody cheer me and push me, it made me feel good.” Last year, the event had taken place indoors due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Joey admitted he was looking forward to having a crowd this year. Fans were quick to congratulate Joey on Twitter.

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Where is Takeru Kobayashi now?

Even though Takeru has taken a step back from Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, he seems to be happy with what he is doing. As per his Instagram, Takeru is enjoying a modeling career.

He has been sharing pictures from his shoots, and fans have been going gaga over it. Despite the modeling career, Takeru has not forgotten his love for hot dogs as he often posts about it on his social media as well.

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