Nevertheless was a webtoon before it was a hit K-drama. Fans are wondering how and where they can read the romance series.

The hit Korean drama series is based on a webtoon of the same name (Translated: Algoitjiman), by Jung Seo, who created both the story and the art.

The TV series has become so popular that it currently sits at 8.1/10 on IMDB. Now everyone wants to get their hands on the webtoon to see how it compares to the show.

So, where can fans find it?

How to read Nevertheless

  • Fans can read Nevertheless on Webtoon. An open platform where people can show their creations.

The series can be read on Webtoon’s website here. Fans can also find Webtoon on the App Store or Google Play. While the series can be found on other sites, this is the original posting. Therefore, fans are encouraged to use Webtoon’s website.

There are 40 episodes in total and the first 4 episodes are free. After this, the remaining episodes can be unlocked with a “daily pass“, where users can get one episode per day free.

Once unlocked, the episode will remain free for 14 days. Should fans want access to the content sooner, then they can purchase episodes with coins. 10 coins cost £0.79 and 50 coins cost £3.99.

About the creator of the webtoon

The creator, as stated earlier is named Jeong Seo. Not much is known about their personal life but Seo can be followed on Instagram here. Seo’s webtoon bio says they like living in the countryside and animals.

Other creations by Jeong Seo include ‘My Boo‘, a series about an invisible roommate and ‘Happily Ever Afterwords‘. This series shows a girl reborn as her favourite romance novel character.

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Watch the K-drama on Netflix!

Nevertheless is available to watch on Netflix. To stream the series, you need a subscription. A basic subscription to Netflix’s service costs £5.99GBP/$8.99USD a month. Prices can vary depending on the plan you choose.

Netflix is available to use through multiple platforms and devices as long as you have a subscription with them. The streaming service also lets you use their app on multiple devices, depending on your plan*.

Nevertheless, | Official Trailer | Netflix

Nevertheless, | Official Trailer | Netflix

More webtoons like Nevertheless…

Should fans find themselves feeling a little lost after binging Nevertheless’ webtoon, not to worry! Here are some similar titles, with the creator’s names shown first:

  • Soonkki – Cheese in the Trap – Seol is a model student and prides herself in that but when she meets Jung who is “Mr perfect” she can’t help but feel sabotaged.
  • Jungyoon – To Love Your Enemy – Yeonhee Bae is a seasoned liar but hopes to leave everything behind when starting college, but she bumps into someone from her past which threatens that.
  • Namsoo – Romance 101 – Bareum is someone that needs to plan out her life, so when she’s thrown into a programming club, her life takes a different direction. She struggles to navigate this and a bad-tempered acquaintance doesn’t help the situation, but the two keep gravitating to one another.

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