Minecraft has managed to be one of the most played games for almost a decade now, and it seems like it will grow even further in the days to come. The developers recently released the Caves and Cliffs Update in the game, which adds tons of new content for players to try out.

The update is slated to be rolled out in two parts, and while the first part is already out, the second part will be coming during the Holidays this year. The first part of the update was widely acclaimed by both fans and critics alike, and they are eagerly waiting for the next one.

If you have been playing Minecraft for a while, you might be well aware of fireworks in the game. This item allows you to put up some spectacular shows and can take the aesthetics to the next level. If you are wondering how you can make fireworks in Minecraft, here is all you need to know about it.

Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I – Official Trailer

Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I – Official Trailer

How to make fireworks in Minecraft

To make fireworks in Minecraft, players require the following items.

  • Gunpowder
  • Paper
  • Dye

These are the raw materials you need to make fireworks. To get gunpowder, players need to kill a creeper. Killing creepers is pretty straightforward, as they self-destruct. Simply going near them will make them explode, so you need to retaliate quickly. Once the creeper is dead, you will get gunpowder.

To get paper, you need sugar cane. Once you have three sugar cane, place them horizontally on the crafting table to craft a paper. Now the next item you need is a firework star. This can be made using gunpowder and dye. Use the desired colour of dye depending on which colour you want your fireworks to be.

The firework star is the item that can help you customize your fireworks. Here are the items you can add to get the various effects.

  • Twinkle Effect – Glowstone Dust
  • Trial Effect – Diamond
  • Fire Charge – Spherical Explosion
  • Gold Nugget – Star-shaped Explosion
  • Head – Creeper Face Explosion
  • Feather – Burst Shape Explosion

How to use fireworks in Minecraft

Using fireworks is pretty straightforward, and you can trigger them by using them on blocks. Pair them up with dispensers and Redstone, to control the timing at which they set off. You can also use fireworks with Elytra (which can be found after defeating the Ender Dragon), to boost yourself while gliding.

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