Several people on Twitter have been reacting to Hobby Lobby’s full-page Register-Guard ad. The ad appeared on the 4th of July, and many think it gives the message that ‘America should only be led by Christians.’

Hobby Lobby, a retail company in the US, has been surrounded by controversies time and again. This time, the company is being slammed by several Twitter users for their ad. As of now, the company has not responded to the backlash on social media.

Hobby Lobby’s Register-Guard ad explored

The full-page ad that was made on Register-Guard was first shared by a Twitter user named Captain Tono. She wrote: “Hobby lobby took out a full-page ad in the Register-Guard this morning. Talking about how America should only be led by Christians. Absolutely frightening. Please remember that Michaels, Joanns & your local craft/hobby shops are always an excellent place to spend your money.”

The ad showed a picture of a child wearing the American flag, and along with it, “One Nation Under God” was written, with “Under God” being in bold.

Below it, the ad noted: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12.” The ad continued to have different subheadings. These included: “President, Finding Fathers, Supreme Court Justices, Congress, Education, Supreme Court Rulings, and Foreign Opinion.”

Under each subhead, the ad noted some of the quotes said by people who belong in that category. For instance, the “President” section contained a quote made by Thomas Jefferson, while the “Founding Fathers” section had a quote from Jedidiah Morse.

Twitter reacts to the full-page ad for the 4th of July

It did not take long for people on Twitter to start reacting to the ad. One user wrote: “why does hobby lobby as a company have to be so mf trash I just want craft supplies at good prices.”

Some suggested they won’t be visiting the store anymore. The comment read: “I’ve only gone to hobby lobby the last few years because it’s the closest craft store I have that’s not insanely overpriced(no Michaels and the local Joanns is overpriced and run by really rude people). But I think I’m done. I don’t go there often. But I’m done.”

“A reminder not to shop at Hobby Lobby as they continue to spread false history in the name of bigotry. Also, shame on any newspaper group that still takes money to spread this bigotry. Was January 6 not enough?” wrote another.

“Oh good, another reason that I’m happy with my decision to pretend that Hobby Lobby doesn’t exist,” read another comment.

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