Fast and Furious 9 has arrived to cinemas across the globe and social media users have flooded Twitter with reactions and memes.

The latest outing in the franchise is finally here for global audiences after the movie was postponed several times from its original premiere date.

The stakes in F9 are higher than ever before, with crazy car stunts, unexpected moments, and of course the return of our favourite characters.

But let’s not forget the main take from the film – nothing is better and stronger than family, as Dom Toretto has always told us.

Many people on social media have reacted to this with memes – we’ve collected some of the best ones.

F9 – Official Trailer 2

F9 – Official Trailer 2

15 best ‘Dom Family’ memes

“You don’t have children, do you?”

“No, I have family.”

If Dom was in Harry Potter’s world, he would never need a wand to fight off his enemy.

Or if Dom was in DC world, he would only need one thing – yes, his family.

Wakanda forever? You’d better think twice, it’s always family forever.

Another epic one that has a crossover scene from Avengers: Endgame and Dom.

This one comes for fans of the Jurassic Park franchise.

All memes we’ve seen so far are simply genius.

This one comes for those of you who have had enough of the Dom family memes.

Yes, family is stronger than anything but Dom why would you forget you have a younger brother in all those 8 movies?

Don’t you underestimate my family.

This user collects Dom Family memes just like Thanos collected the Infinity Stones.

You don’t need to ask this question because Dom always has the right answer for you.

Everywhere you go, you see the same memes over and over.

Broly might be too strong but he doesn’t have what Dom has.

And let’s finish with some of the best memes collected in one single tweet.

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