Tom Holland and Zendaya’s dating rumors were seemingly confirmed when the pair were caught kissing. However, people have been talking about Nicki Minaj and Tom’s relationship on Twitter. If you are wondering what’s the joke, we have got you covered!

Social media is known for pairing different celebrities together. However, the most bizarre one happens to be of Tom and Nicki. In fact, some have even given rise to theories that the two have a baby together. As strange as it sounds, it’s true. Social media can be an unusual place at times. But how did this pairing even come along?

Tom Holland and Nicki Minaj’s relationship explained

To begin with, no, Tom and Nicki NEVER dated. In reality, it is just a fake relationship created by the internet.

It all started when a fan account of Tom created a video showcasing a fake conversation between Nicki and him. The video went viral in 2019, and it was the start of the Nicki-Tom joke. In fact, the joke was brought again on social media when Nicki announced her pregnancy.

Fans were quick to congratulate Tom for becoming a father while the others shared edited images of the two together. If you happen to chance upon a picture of them, there are high chances that it’s edited.

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Now, Twitter users have taken it upon themselves to bring back the joke as Tom’s relationship with Zendaya gets confirmed.

Tom-Nicki memes spread on Twitter

Several people have been sharing memes about Tom and Nicki ever since his relationship with Zendaya came to light. One of the pictures even refers to Zendaya as a “home-wrecker.”

At the same time, another meme shows the “welcome home cheater” sign as people think that’s how Nicki would welcome Tom after the kissing picture surfaced online.

Meanwhile, some are talking about the baby (that Tom and Nicki never had.) The comment read: “your telling me that tom holland left nicki minaj and his children for zendaya.”

Another user joked: “Nicki minaj currently playing traitor by olivia rodrigo when she opens up twitter and see tom holland and zendaya making out.”

Relationship with Zendaya explored

On July 2, Zendaya and Tom’s relationship was confirmed after they were seen kissing each other. The rumors about their relationship started in 2017 when the two starred in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

However, they never confirmed this. Following this, Tom was rumored to be dating Olivia Bolton and Zendaya was linked with Jacob Elordi. It is unclear when those relationships came to an end.

As of now, neither Zendaya nor Tom have commented on the pictures. The two are set to be back on screen together for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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