A TikTok user named Lisa Tranel recently blew up online after fans realised she is Jennifer Aniston’s exact look-alike, but she thinks otherwise…

Discover all you need to know about this viral creator as we explore her TikTok, Instagram and more!

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

Viral Jennifer Aniston look-alike on TikTok

Lisa Tranel, know on TikTok as @she_plusthree, currently has over 156,000 followers on the video-sharing platform along with 1.3 million likes in total.

After receiving numerous comments comparing her appearance to American actress Jennifer Aniston, Lisa uploaded a video of herself lip-syncing along to a popular audio of Rachel in the hit TV show, Friends.

Now with over 2.7 million views, the viral video gained more than 365,000 likes along with a comment section full of shocked users.

@allie_sing received over 80,000 likes on their comment stating:

“I actually thought it was Jennifer Anniston. Wow!!”

More of Lisa’s content is also recognised as looking a lot like Aniston.


It’s the red flags for me….

♬ Red Flag Alert – Sheriff Shane

Compare @jenniferaniston‘s appearance on Instagram.

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Spot the resemblance between the two?

Since blowing up online, Lisa’s TikTok bio now includes a clarification statement to differentiate herself from the Hollywood star which reads:

“Not Jennifer Aniston 😂”

Who is Lisa Tranel?

Lisa Tranel’s Facebook profile provides further information surrounding the look-alike.

Tranel is a General Manager at Strech Zone Southlake, an institution tailored to consumers looking for a competitive edge in sport or those facing a limited range of motion, chronic soreness and inflexibility.

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Originally from Altus, Oklahoma, Lisa now lives in the neighbourhood of Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas.

Before becoming an internet sensation, Lisa would often post comical content onto her TikTok account involving her family and friends.

Her children would also feature in funny videos online.

Additionally, @she_plusthree previously uploaded various fitness videos showing her working out in the gym.

Meet Lisa on Instagram

Over on Instagram, @she_plusthree now has over 10,000 followers.

Lisa shared an Instagram story on July 3rd whereby she acknowledged the viral TikTok video and added:

“For the record, I don’t really feel like I look like Jennifer Aniston and my family really doesn’t either”

Users have also commented on various Insta uploads making the comparison between her and the actress.

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Amongst her 917 posts, Lisa’s Instagram provides even more information about her life…

According to a birthday post, Lisa turned 30 on 11th December 2017, currently making her 34-years-old.

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Her passion for fitness is further shared onto the gram with many selfies in the gym.

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During quarantine caused by the recent pandemic, Lisa discovered a newfound love for boxing.

The creator shares progress images of herself boxing with an entire highlight named ‘Boxing fun!’ dedicated to the sport.

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Many images of her children and wider family can be found throughout her feed.

Supposedly, Lisa is a mother of three.

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Keep up with Jennifer Aniston’s look-alike over on her various social media platforms!

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