Tom Holland and Zendaya were just spotted making out in Los Angeles, and fans are concerned for Jake Gyllenhaal on Twitter.

Spider-Man stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Holland and Zendaya are the best of friends. They’re like Regina, Karen and Gretchen from Mean Girls, or Harry, Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter.

But this week, the trio has become a duo after Tom Holland and Zendaya were spotted kissing each other in a car in the Silver Lake neighborhood of LA, seemingly confirming their much-anticipated off-screen romance.

Just kidding, nothing has actually changed between the three of them, but fans on Twitter are joking that Tom has cheated on Jake, ended their bromance and moved on with Zendaya.

Now, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Holland and Zendaya memes are flooding Twitter. Here are some of the most hilarious ones…

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

17 Jake Gylenhaal, Tom Holland and Zendaya Memes

Jake Gyllenhaal right now after seeing the Tom and Zendaya pics.

When he realises Tom and Zendaya are a couple.

Jake on his way to the music studio after finding out he’s been cheated on.

These memes are too much.

Live footage of Jake finding out about Tom and Zendaya.

Let’s have a minute silence for our boy Jake.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Snapchat right now.

He’s definitely listening to Olivia Rodrigo.

Zendaya catching Jaka and Tom at the next Marvel junket.

Jake looking at the pictures of Tom and Zendaya.

When you see Jake Gyllenhaal trending.

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Watch Now – The Tomorrow War | Amazon Prime Video

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