The 4th of July is almost here which means one thing, it’s ‘Back It Up Terry’ season! The viral meme is back, and it’s just as funny as ever.

Every year on July 4th, people across America come together to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776.

It’s one of the biggest dates in the US calendar, with millions of parades, parties, barbecues and celebrations taking place across the country.

But Independence Day wouldn’t be complete without one thing, the ‘Back It Up Terry’ meme!

If you’re not familiar with the viral video, here’s what it’s all about.

‘Back It Up Terry’ Meme

What is the ‘Back It Up Terry’ Meme?

Back in 2017, the ‘Back It Up Terry’ meme went viral, and it now resurfaces every year around the Fourth of July.

In the video which has been viewed on YouTube more than 11 million times, Antario Davis, a man from Memphis, Tennessee, lights a firework to celebrate Independence Day.

He then tries to reverse his electric wheelchair away from the explosive. However, the wheelchair malfunctions and he can’t move away from the flame.

His cousin who is filming the video then repeatedly shouts “back up Terry” and “put it in reverse Terry”, but it’s too late, and the firework starts going off right next to him.

“What you doin’ Terry” his cousin shouts as Terry gets covered in smoke. Eventually, the wheelchair works again and Terry moves away from the firework whilst everyone, including himself, hysterically laughs.

The video is just as hilariously chaotic as is sounds. Watch it below!

Antario got a new wheelchair through GoFundMe

Thankfully, Antario’s wheelchair was alright after the firework incident. But two years later, in 2019, his family and friends set up a GoFundMe Page to get him a brand new wheelchair.

Quantum Rehab, the company behind the powered wheelchair then saw the GoFundMe page and donated him a brand new one free of charge.

“I was overjoyed [and] … extremely happy. It helps me to move around the house, and I’m able to go to different places with it,” he told CNN.

As a joke, Antario then re-eancted the famous ‘Back Up Terry’ video with his brand new wheelchair, but luckily he was actually able to back it up this time.

The meme resurfaces every Fourth of July

Every single year as it approaches the Fourth of July, the ‘Back It Up Terry’ meme resurfaces, and it never gets any less funny.

“I just hope “Back it up Terry” is fully charged and ready for the weekend!!” one person tweeted.

Another joked: “Since it’s officially 4th of July week, here’s your reminder to not set off fireworks in your wheelchairs #BackUpTerry.”

“That back up Terry video better surface on this platform this weekend,” said a third person.

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