What is the pig poop balls meme? Old meme resurfaces amidst new social GETTR app

Shania Wilson

You might recall the ‘pig poop balls’ meme if you cast your mind back to the early 2010’s.

The unfortunate image of a pig, naturally, became a viral sensation.

What is the ‘pig poop balls’ meme?

The meme initially surfaced back in 2010/2011 – you can tell by the imaginative name. The internet was certainly less humorously advanced back then (remember the DERP face meme?).

Pictured above, the viral image sees a pig seemingly having a bathroom incident.

According to BuzzFeed News back in 2013, a friend of a guy named Brandon Stien took the photograph of the pig. The friend told BuzzFeed: “My friends and I had just noticed him and were all looking at his gargantuan balls for no more than 3 seconds when all of a sudden he poops out this huge turd.”

He further added: “The picture is disgusting but I still think it’s hilarious. I had some lucky timing.”

Why has the viral image resurfaced?

It’s been a decade since the meme initially emerged, but the internet is still just as grossed out/in awe of the image.

In light of Jason Miller’s new social networking app GETTR, Twitter user Will Sommer tweeted about the new platform along with a reference to the pig meme.

Sommer wrote: “QAnon fans were initially excited about new MAGA social app Gettr, but they’re growing irate as moderators fail to keep lewd anime pics and the “pig poop balls” meme out of the QAnon hashtag. One of the top results now features Sonic the Hedgehog crushing a guy with his feet.”

The tweet certainly got people talking – about both GETTR and the decade-old meme.

Twitter reacts to the pig meme (again!)

Following Will Sommer’s tweet, Twitter have been reacting to the ‘pig poop balls’ meme, as well as the fact that “moderators fail to keep lewd anime pics and the “pig poop balls” meme out of the QAnon hashtag”.

One user tweeted: I don’t even want to know what the “pig poop balls” meme is… holy F**K.

Another took to Twitter to write: “If you haven’t done an image search for “pig poop balls meme,” it’s pretty rewarding.”

Somebody else wrote: “Lol omg, gettr had to stop having ‘trending topics’ on their page because ‘pig poop balls’ and a bunch of anime girl memes were made to trend.”

“Just now saw the pig poop balls meme. I guess I’m late to the ppb party…”

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