Pokémon Go has an exciting month in store for trainers, and the Tepig Community Day starts soon with a shiny evolution and exclusive move on offer along with other bonuses.

While Bidoof day has come to an end, there’s still plenty for players to do right now such as battling Deoxys in raids. And, although Go Fest is the major occasion for July, there’s an Anniversary scheduled on the 6th to celebrate the fifth birthday of Niantic’s mobile game.

This exciting Anniversary event will happen next week, but – before then – you have the opportunity to get an Emboar with Blaster Burn.

Bukayo Saka, Jude Bellingham & Conor Coady play Pokémon GO! – Trailer

Bukayo Saka, Jude Bellingham & Conor Coady play Pokémon GO! – Trailer

What time does the Tepig Community Day start?

The Pokémon Go Tepig Community Day will start at 11:00 local time on July 3rd and finish at 17:00 local time.

Niantic’s limited-time occasion offers lots for free, but you can get even more by purchasing the Roasted Berries ticket from the in-game store. This only costs $0.99 and will provide you with exclusive special research tasks in exchange.

In addition, you can also buy a special one-time community day box for 1,280 Poké Coins. This box of goodies comes with 50 Ultra Balls, five Incense, five Star Pieces, and an Elite Charged TM.

How to get the shiny Tepig exclusive move for Emboar

Players can catch shiny Tepig in Pokémon Go at any time, but you can only get the Blaster Burn exclusive move for Emboar during the community day.

In order to get this unique attack, you need to capture a Tepig and evolve it into Pignite. Either that or you can ignore this step by catching a Pignite directly from one of the special research tasks.

Regardless of your approach, you then need to transform the spandex wearing pig into the family’s final evolution, Emboar. You will need 100 candy to complete this change.

Just so you know, you can only get Emboar with the exclusive move Blaster Burn by achieving all of the above before 19:00 local time on July 3rd.


The bonuses for the event are as follows:

  • 3x Catch Stardust
  • 3-hour Incense
  • 3-hour Lure Modules

Niantic are also telling players to take snapshots during the day for a surprise.

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