Reggie Bush wants his Heisman trophy back as the NCAA recently announced changes in its policy, enhancing the athletes’ ability to make money from their “name, image and likeness”. The college football star is rallying to get his Heisman trophy back. But why did he lose it in the first place?

Reggie reportedly has been trying hard to get his hands back on the Heisman trophy, which is awarded annually to the most outstanding college football player. However, his efforts to have it back are not being acknowledged. 

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What happened to Reggie Bush’s Heisman?

Reggie was charged with a series of allegations in an investigation launched by the NCAA in 2010. The footballer was questioned for receiving lavish gifts from his agent  Lloyd Lake, including a limousine ride to the Heisman Trophy presentation in 2005, which is against the NCAA rules. 

The investigation led to the NCAA announcing sanctions against USC along with a four-year-probation. Meanwhile, the Trojans, a team that Reggie played for from 2003 to 2005, lost 30 scholarships and were also banned from the 2010 and 2011 bowl games. 

The school was asked to return their copy of Reggie Heisman in 2010 and all jerseys and murals displayed in Reggie’s honor were removed from its facilities. 

In September the same year, Reggie voluntarily fortified his title as the 2005 winner. 

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He has got “no response” from NCAA 

Reggie claims he has been trying to get in touch with the NCAA and The Heismam Trust for a long time, but none has gotten back to him or his team. 

He said in a statement after the Supreme Court ruling yesterday, “We left multiple messages for Michael Comerford, the President of the Heisman Trust but instead received a call from Rob Whalen, the Executive Director, who stated that Mr. Comerford would not be calling us back and that, in any event, they could not help us.”

Reggie further added, when he called the NCAA to discuss the same he received “no help or got no response at all.”

Twitter extends its support

While Reggie is trying hard to have his 2005 award back, Twitter is of the similar opinion as the majority of the users have expressed that the NCAA should consider his request and look into the matter again. 

One irked social media user wrote, “Give Reggie Bush his heisman back! Arguably one of the best years in college football history stat wise. To say he isn’t a heisman winner because he tried to give his family a place to live while in college is just sad. The executives of the NCAA suck.”

Another added, “wow… why did they all ignore him? sounds like the ncaa and heisman trust have some explaining to do”

And one Twitter user wrote, “Give @ReggieBush his Heisman back. Then he can give @BuffaloBills back his salary, +$3. For the season he ran backwards.”

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