If you’re an avid user of TikTok, you’ve probably seen a ‘which rapper are you’ filter making the rounds.

If you want to try and test for yourself, here’s how to find it.

What is the viral filter?

Much like other filters that we’ve seen on TikTok, such as ‘which Disney Character are you?’, this new effect tells us which rapper we ‘are’ through a generator.

Of course, the filter isn’t based on anything in particular, and is likely generated completely randomly.

The effect reels off names such as DaBaby, J Cole, Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby, amongst many others.

How to get the ‘which rapper are you’ effect

Interestingly, the effect is actually from Instagram. People are simply taking videos using the effect via Instagram and uploading them to TikTok.

Here’s how to find the filter on Instagram:

  • Swipe to the camera screen on the Instagram app, as if you’re about to add a story.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see filter icons. Find the ‘Browse Effects’ icon.
  • Next, type ‘WHICH RAPPER ARE U’ in the search bar.
  • The viral filter that you’re seeing on TikTok is by the user brc.russia.
  • Choose the filter and click ‘Try It’.
  • Capture your video using the filter and upload to TikTok!

5 Similar filters to try out

If you’ve had a go at using the ‘which rapper are you’ filter, try out these 5 similar effects.

Which Disney Character are you?

Another one to find on Instagram, this filter shows users which Disney character ‘they are’. Some of the well-known animated characters that you might see on the filter include Olaf, Cinderella, Flounder, and Mulan.

Which famous TikToker are you?

You’re able to use this filter on Snapchat when searching ‘which famous TikToker are you?’ on the filter page.

Which aesthetic are you?

This effect shows users a range of aesthetics, including VSCO, grunge, e-girl, and soft.

Which animal are you?

This filter is available on TikTok under the name ‘What animal are you?’. Images on the effect show an owl, a bear, a monkey, and a lion, amongst other animals.

Which celebrity are you?

Not a filter per say, although TikTok users are trying out the ‘shapeshifting’ effect on the platform to ‘merge’ into a celebrity. TikToker’s upload an image of a celebrity that they think they look like before capturing the video.

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