Fox channel has officially closed in the UK and many viewers at home took to Twitter to react to the news.

The Disney-owned channel has been a favourite one for many people since it’s a home to hit US television series such as Family Guy and American Horror Story.

But Fox has now been taken off air and many of your favourite titles will be available on Disney+.

Here’s what you need to know about the move.

Villain | Marvel Studios’ Loki | Disney+

Villain | Marvel Studios’ Loki | Disney+

Fox has closed in the UK

The channel was closed after airing for 17 years in the UK. It’s no longer available on providers such as Sky and Virgin Media.

The move comes after Disney revealed that they have decided to shift their operations towards their streaming service, Disney+. Many of their original series will be available on Star on the subscription-based site.

A spokesperson said: “On 30th June the FOX channel in the UK will close. Many titles will become available on Star on Disney+ and will be announced in the near future. We appreciate the support of our UK fans and can’t wait to keep sharing the best stories with you.

“Star on Disney+ serves as the home of movies and television from Disney’s creative studios, including Disney Television Studios (20th Television and ABC Signature), FX Productions and 20th Century Studios.”

People react on Twiter

Twitter is full of reactions from viewers and many have shared their disappointment over the channel’s closure in the UK.

One viewer tweeted: “Watching #NCIS and there’s a thing saying #FOX is closing in the UK today. Wut? It’s our go-to channel when there’s inevitably nothing else worth watching.”

“So, @virginmedia as customers we are losing FOX TV from today. Are we getting something to replace it? If not, will we getting a reduction in our bills?” asked someone else.

Meanwhile one Family Guy fan wrote: “Watching Family Guy on FOX for the final time as this channel shuts down at 06:00 tomorrow morning.”

Providers address concerns from viewers

Many TV providers and television services such as Now TV have addressed concerns from people following the closure of Fox.

In response to one person, Now TV explained: “On 30 June, Disney will close the Fox channel in the UK. On NOW, we’ll bring 125 new Sky Original shows & films this year, available with the best drama, comedy, sport & entertainment. The Entertainment Membership now also includes all our kids’ shows, at no extra cost.”

Responding to someone else about Discovery content, they said: “No, Discovery content will remain available to Sky customers. In terms of Fox, I would speak with Sky about that as they would have more info than us.”