MrBeast might be known for his online burger restaurants but he has revealed that he has interest in expanding his brand in another field.

A YouTube star and entrepreneur with millions of online followers, MrBeast has become popular for both his vlogs and virtual restaurant chain.

Now, he has teased that he might drop a chocolate bar in the near future, leading to a huge hype on social media.

So, here’s what the YouTuber said in a recent video.

YouTube Pride 2021: You Are Everything | Official Trailer

YouTube Pride 2021: You Are Everything | Official Trailer

Mr Beast teases chocolate bar

In a recent video on Beast Reacts’ YouTube channel, MrBeast shared his reactions on how certain products are made in an ice cream factory.

At some point in the clip, the YouTuber dropped the bombshell that he could release his very own line of chocolates “later this year”.

“There will be my chocolate bar coming later this year. I won’t be able to mention this ever again so there you go,” MrBeast said.

Now, fans are wondering whether he actually has a snack bar in the works or he just wanted to tease people on social media…

We certainly wouldn’t say no to ‘MrBeast Chocolate Bar’.

Fans react on Twitter

It’s safe to say that social media users are pretty hyped about the idea of MrBeast’s chocolate bars.

So much, that one person would buy 100 bars if the YouTuber ever decides to release his own line of chocolates in the future.

“From revolutionising burgers and now into chocolate? @MrBeast is on a journey to overtake the food chain!” tweeted one user.

“Guys MrBeast is gonna have his own chocolate bar later this year, believe me,” said someone else.

Check out more reactions down below.

Mr Beast Burger: Locations

In the meantime, while we all wait for the much-anticipated chocolate bar, you can check out one of MrBeast Burger locations.

There are over 300 restaurant locations in the United States, including California, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, Florida, and more.

The popular burgers recently arrived in the UK too. There is one location for the time being, which is based at Dirty Bones 1 Club Row, London, E16JX.

To order one, you have to do it on Deliveroo here.