An old clip of TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Noah Beck is circling the internet right now. If you’re a little confused, here’s what happened.

Since his split from Addison Rae in March, Bryce Hall’s love life has been heavily speculated online.

Lana Rhoades, Josie Canseco and Tana Mongeau are just a few of the women he’s been romantically linked with, but is he now dating his best friend Noah Beck?

Nah, we’re just kidding. But a video of them both kissing on the lips is circling the internet right now, and here’s why.

TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok

TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok

Bryce Hall and Noah Beck kissed in November 2020

Over the past few months, you might have seen a video of TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Noah Beck making out.

The clip often pops up on Twitter and TikTok, and it’s causing a lot of confusion online.

No, the video isn’t fake. The pair really did kiss in November 2020, but why?

It was part of a game of spin the bottle

Let’s debunk the video once and for all. Bryce and Noah aren’t secretly in love, they kissed as part of a game of spin the bottle.

On November 5th 2020, Bryce uploaded a vlog to his YouTube channel titled: “SPIN THE BOTTLE.”

In the video, he sat down with Noah and their girlfriends at the time Addison Rae and Dixie D’Amelio to play the classic game, but added a truth or dare twist.

When the bottle landed on someone, that person had to pick a dare out of a hat. Some of those dares included eating a raw egg, taking off your shirt and licking a foot.

The bottle then landed on Bryce who picked out a piece of paper that said ‘kiss’. It didn’t state who he had to kiss, but rather than choosing the obvious option, his girlfriend Addison, he went for Noah.

Bryce and Noah then kissed on the lips, but they certainly didn’t make out. It was just a little peck, and Noah wiped away the kiss afterward.

Then he kissed Addison too

Shortly after kissing Noah on the lips, Bryce tried to kiss his then-girlfriend Addison Rae, but it wasn’t received very well at first.

As Bryce moved in closer, Addison squealed and said: “You just kissed Noah, I can’t cheat and do that to Dixie.” Although eventually, she gave in and kissed Bryce on the lips.

Then, the game of spin the bottle continued, and the Bryce and Noah kiss was never mentioned again.

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