Gabbie Hanna is calling out Angelika Oles, Ready To Glare, Repzilla, The Viewers Voice, and Dustin Dailey for using the case of Bianca Devins in their videos. In her latest YouTube video, Gabbie addressed the drama.

The drama that Gabbie talks about in her video took place in February 2020. The YouTuber was called out by several drama channels for commenting about Bianca in one of her videos. The video in question saw Gabbie going through a Vox article that spoke about what an E-Girl was.

Following this, Gabbie apologized for not reading the content next to the picture. However, over a year after this, Gabbie is calling out the YouTubers who slammed her actions as she explains her side of the story once again.

Who was Bianca Devins?

Bianca was a popular social media star who had over 158k followers on Instagram. She went by the name escty on the platform. Meanwhile, her bio read: “fake internet girl.”

Most of the time Bianca used her social media to interact with her followers while giving them an idea of how she had been doing. As per her social media, Bianca enjoyed cosplay and loved playing Minecraft.

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One of her posts read: “I lov cosplays that arnt really “canon”. whether u switchin up the outfit or hair or smth, it looks good and i luv seeing different takes on charctrs.”

In July 2019, news of Bianca’s death was confirmed. Brandon Clark was sentenced to 25 years in jail for the same.

Drama involving Gabbie Hanna explored

On June 25, Gabbie addressed the backlash she received in February 2020 over one of her videos. In the video, Gabbie was researching more about E-Girls and E-Boys.

To do so, she had opened a Vox article which also had a picture of Bianca in it. Without looking at the content that was beside the picture, Gabbie made a remark about Bianca’s outfit. She said: “This outfit here is straight-up what I wore from 7th grade to college, and I have that shirt now.”

Several fans of Bianca were unhappy that Gabbie showed the picture in her YouTube video. Following this, Gabbie received online backlash with several drama and tea channels hopping on to give their thoughts on the same.

On February 14, Gabbie released a video titled “For Bianca.” In it, she apologized for not reading the content and showed the message she had sent to Bianca’s mother.

Gabbie Hanna calls out drama channels

Fast forward to June 25, Gabbie released another video addressing the backlash she received for her Bianca video. Gabbie admitted she did not think she should have apologized for what had happened.

The YouTuber went on to show proof that Bianca’s family did not hold anything against her. As the video progressed, Gabbie called out all the drama and tea channels for talking about a “slanderous lie that caused the family so much drama.”

Gabbie further alleged she lost sponsorships, jobs, followers, and others due to this. The video ends with Gabbie asking the content creators to take accountability of their actions.

Following this, Ready To Glare tweeted that she is reaching out to the family privately.

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